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Un punk va se faire corriger par 1 ou 2 types très mécontents…

I put my Flip camera on a broomstick and took a stroll down Khao San Road. Some of that weird effect is from the YouTube stabilization I ran on this footage, and some of it is the crapness of the camera. It is worst at the start.

Feels almost like you are floating down Khao San, which many people have….

It makes me happy to know that this party resets itself every night, whether any of us are there or not. Tattoos, food, drinks, cheap traveler clothes, drinks, people, food, drinks, jewelry, people, thai food, drinks, people, see it all on Khao San Road.

fight in kao san road

Title: fight in kao san road

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Added on: November 23rd, 2014

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17 Responses to “fight in kao san road”

  1. dystopia says:

    takes that many fucks for one guy, douchebags

  2. THeOLdMaNAC119 says:

    looks like Gangster being beat by community. may be they did something.

  3. DorTheCore says:

    There leenching this punck, i wonder what happend…

  4. zwana punking says:

    Did you see the police said something at the end of this clip? The guy who
    was beaten by these men definitely did something wrong, otherwise the
    police whould have intervened early. These men are not actually mafia
    either; they just do business there. Notice the fat man with a money bag.

  5. leh wunwisar says:

    Krung Tep ! is tha shit mang. I Chillin There Every Week mang . Yo know
    represent My School ……Saint Jhon !!!!… And Yo Know I Love It.

  6. xMannyfestox says:


  7. Itsoeasyafterall says:

    the power of thailand gang in thailand

  8. GoodDiscrimination says:

    Filthy chicken shit apes. They have no honor. Using weapons and ganging up
    on people…

  9. jobo2s says:

    Yes This is My country ! And i love my country. 😛 THAILAND4LIFE !! TKT 😉

  10. Pala M. says:

    Alchohol Toxic!!!

  11. tmg6543 says:

    typical thais,ganging up on him thinking there tough,there a bunch of shits
    on there own

  12. caromalta says:

    lol….where are the pigs when they’re needed!

  13. spectreman40 says:

    you r so tall

  14. garick says:

    I’m headed to Thailand on Thursday! Wow, it’s been over a decade since I’ve
    been to Khao San. I wonder how things have changed and what has stayed the
    same. Hmm.. can I still get pad thai from a street stall for 10baht?

  15. Lost & Found Travel says:

    Next time I’m taking one of those quad copters and I’ll just fly it over
    the street. Dreaming….

  16. Lost & Found Travel says:

    Sweet! And also sweat. Be ready for a humid the likes of which you have
    never seen. I recall sweating at 7 am. I’ve got a great cheap clean
    traveler hotel recommendation in Bangkok if you are interested. Near – but
    not too near – the location of the above video…

  17. garick says:

    For a second, I thought.. wow, you must be REALLY tall.