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SHINee at Central Let’s Celebrate 2010 (Rehearsal)

Recording by me
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[FANCAM] 091203 SHINee – Juliette (Rehearsal) @ Central Chidlom

Title: [FANCAM] 091203 SHINee – Juliette (Rehearsal) @ Central Chidlom

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Added on: November 25th, 2014

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22 Responses to “[FANCAM] 091203 SHINee – Juliette (Rehearsal) @ Central Chidlom”

  1. isabel indira cornejo says:

    wowow you are so lucky ……i wish i could have been there… is for
    sure i would have gone to all the concers there in korea…(T.T)!

  2. felsung says:

    i love their rehearsals fancams for this event !!!
    rdd,replay,juliette,amigo…. all so clear !!!!

  3. cowbuchou says:

    wow, this is such a clear fancam! you’re so lucky to see them up close!

  4. tinaadja0922 says:

    only one minho idol like

  5. stalker0418 says:

    now i know why key using a hat ._.

  6. silentbutterfly says:

    thats y I love Jonghyun so much 2:15

  7. Bea Y says:

    can you see how skinny taemin’s legs are?!oh my god!!!

  8. Karou l says:

    @syssang4 keke no…i wanna get a peek too…<.< maybe more BWAHAHA omooo im glad im still a teenager or id so be a pedo noona XDD

  9. suparada snw says:

    thx q very much ! 😀 They’re hot~

  10. taemtaemmozz says:

    please!! come to thai again I miss u very much.

  11. hk hw says:

    I love Onew voice^^

  12. sohyuneenee says:


  13. yoona2richelle says:

    minho oppa!!!!!!!

  14. yoona2richelle says:

    not energetic!!!!!!!!

  15. Julissa Hernandez says:

    who cares about his legs? he’s probably naturally skinny.

  16. Lyra Ledesma says:

    i didn’t know that minho’s have a nice and straight hair i always see his
    hair styled curly ^_^

  17. syssang4 says:

    Minho has such a nice booty. Is it wrong that I kept wanting to get a peek?

  18. yahady says:

    Taemin that my kid go and eat these, but but I still love you so! FIGHTIGN¡¡

  19. suzuka choi says:

    ขอบคุณมากค่ะ ชัดมากมายเลย ^^

  20. o0okathyoOo says:

    wooooooooooooooooow k lindo todo el tiempo enfocan a minho k es el k mas me
    gusta me emosiono al verlo !! es k lo amooooooooooooooooo jejejejje es muy
    lindooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gracias x el video !!!!!
    arigato …..

  21. yahady says:

    Taemin that my kid go and eat these, but but I still love you so! FIGHTIGN¡¡

  22. katia10645 says:

    ahh! I have the same shoes as Taemin!xD <3