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[FANCAM] 091203 SHINee - AMIGO (Rehearsal) @ Central Chidlom

SHINee at Central Let’s Celebrate 2010 (Rehearsal)

Recording by me
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

ส่งณเดชน์ หลังงาน Beauty GALERIE Grand Opening
@ Central Chidlom 04092013
Video Rating: 5 / 5

[FANCAM] 091203 SHINee – AMIGO (Rehearsal) @ Central Chidlom

Title: [FANCAM] 091203 SHINee – AMIGO (Rehearsal) @ Central Chidlom

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Added on: November 28th, 2014

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25 Responses to “[FANCAM] 091203 SHINee – AMIGO (Rehearsal) @ Central Chidlom”

  1. dizziie09 says:

    why are all these stars soo skinnyyyy but also so good looking

  2. Jessica Wong says:

    As much as I love Minho in Skinny jeans, he looks like..really fit in
    normally straight legged ones, Onew too! I like Key, Taemin, and Jonghyun’s
    style a lot ^.^ Thanks for the upload <3

  3. Linda Garcia says:

    poor key he must be tired!! he barely put any effort but yeah still luv
    them LUV SHINee 4 life

  4. SunshineMonsterful says:

    i want Taemin’s shoes lol

  5. Lyra Ledesma says:

    funny taemin and onew bumping into each other the reaction of the girl

  6. onelargefry says:

    thanks for sharing! the woman in black fanning herself at the back has the
    best job everr.

  7. Eldieson Yutuc says:

    2:11 onew smiles at taemin dance…. <3

  8. sylvia li says:

    aw jonghyun at 1.44 ^^

  9. tinaadja0922 says:

    minho oppa look so fit,so perfec guy,

  10. minhoheartee says:

    Minho in his simplest get-up, but still he is really good looking,
    stands-out in shinee

  11. walawala says:

    I like how they look so playful and giggly 🙂 they smile when their eyes
    meet and….it’s just too cuute 😛

  12. fanminho choi says:

    Onew Taemin are cute ^^

  13. hk hw says:

    Onew cute^.^

  14. PostihBorka says:

    Key hugely didn´t catch up.. I really wanna kill SME when I see how beaten
    they are, they treat them like animals..

  15. tinaadja0922 says:

    just one minho like

  16. Jessy Porras says:

    jajaja taemin y onew ay son unos niños bien lindos 😕 !!! SHINee <3!!

  17. Resa Chiic Covers says:

    its kinda weird to see key half-assing anything… :/

  18. SunshineMonsterful says:

    @PostihBorka what do you mean?

  19. dangerousluv1 says:

    Just realized that I have a couple outfits that look like some that Taemin
    wears… totally fan girling right now 😀

  20. embilak says:

    I used to love minho’s long hair 🙁 Missed it :S BUT STILL, HE’S DAMN HOT!

  21. Bea Y says:

    @PostihBorka when was it that key didn’t catch up? i couldn’t spot it

  22. toul ggg says:

    Minho <3333333333 his hair looks freakin amazing here XD

  23. 1102abab says:

    I really like minho’s hair

  24. tinaadja0922 says:

    minho look so good

  25. dangerousluv1 says:

    Just realized that I have a couple outfits that look like some that Taemin
    wears. Totally fan girling about that right now 🙂