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Another day of fast moving events as Bangkok remains right on edge in the aftermath of the bombs that caused havoc and death on Silom Road last night. Both sides of the divide face off once again as tensions continue. At Ratchaprasong the Red Shirts receive a visit from more than a dozen diplomats as they seek to build world attention towards their protest while across the city in the majestic setting of Dusit Plaza the Multi Coloured faction assembled today for its biggest demonstration to date. Silom Road is tense, the Reds are alert behind their sprawling barricades while the “Love Silom” crowd are small in number tonight, but noisy and vociferous, and involved in minor skirmishes with a police force that is finally showing itself to be more in charge. Today the pro-government leaning “Multi Coloured” group is set to stage a mass rally at Dusit’s Royal Plaza, building on the daily rallies it has been holding at locations such as Chatuchak Park and Victory Monument. This group, which likes to say it doesn’t follow any of the coloured movements here, draws its support mostly from the urban middle classes, and organises itself through a Facebook page. Today though the movement hopes to bring 100,000 people onto the streets to counter the mass rallies of the Reds and prove that the UDD supporters, mainly from the rural poor in the North East and Bangkok’s working classes, don’t command the depth of backing that they think they do. The multi-coloured supporters pour into Dusit Royal Plaza from the late afternoon, the vast area in front of the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, a magnificent – and very symbolic – building in Thai history as it was once the home to revered King Rama V and later became home to the first Thai parliament after the country changed from an absolute to constitutional monarchy following the bloodless revolution of 1932. The organisers’ fall well short of the six-figure target but its still a huge and significant number, into the tens of thousands with their supporters engulfing the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn Rama V in the middle of the plaza in a sea of fluttering red-white-and-blue national flags, the yellow crest of the monarch, as well as many photos, as they fill out every inch and spill up the adjoining roads and listen to their leader, Chulalongkorn University Lecturer Dr Tul Suttisomwong. Meanwhile after weeks and weeks on the streets of the city the Reds Shirts were finally attracting the international attention. Yesterday one of their core leaders, Dr Weng Tojirakarn, led a delegation of UDD supporters to the United Nations building to deliver a plea for the austere body to become involved in the crisis gripping Bangkok, and today, a delegation of diplomats is visiting the makeshift camp at Ratchaprasong to take a look for themselves. For the Red Shirts this is the international recognition and legitimacy they crave and the word goes out to tidy up the camp, to “impress” the distinguished guests. The headquarters are swiftly polished up, huge banners are draped over the face of the mobile toilets, a long row of tables are set up and arraigned to seat the diplomatic guests down one side, and a palpable buzz descends. They’re due at 4 PM, but finally two hours later a convoy of white mini buses comes rolling down Ploen Chit Road under the BTS station and coasts to a halt at the corner of the intersection, and the group of diplomats – standing right out from the somewhat makeshift and shabby surroundings dressed in their suits, shirts and ties – come rolling in. A lengthy face-to-face gets underway chaired by core UDD leader Veera Musikapong. While events unfolding today at Dusit Plaza and Ratchaprasong are cordial and peaceful, the tension continues to hover at breaking point at Saladaeng intersection which is still reeling from the bloody previous night. Tonight there is just a noisy handful of flag-waving demonstrators clustered on the steps of the shops under the BTS station, the bloody violence of the previous night has seen their numbers dwindle, while a row of police vans are parked in a line under the bridge to stop the two sides making visual contact. They spill out onto the street – which is still closed off to traffic – and there are a few scuffles with the police, but they’re only minor flashpoints, the “Multi Coloured” demonstrators (who also call themselves “Love Silom” here) are heavily outnumbered and the police are in no mood tonight to give them free rein and capably contain them, moving their cordons flexibly until their protest dies away. On the other side of the intersection the Reds are clustered behind their roughly-built barricades, they’re much calmer tonight, relaxed but alert, and tonight ends peacefully, tensions still brittle but with nothing untoward to snap the deadlock.
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Diplomats at Ratchaprasong, Multi Coloureds at Dusit Plaza & skirmishes at Silom Rd – 23 April 2010

Title: Diplomats at Ratchaprasong, Multi Coloureds at Dusit Plaza & skirmishes at Silom Rd – 23 April 2010

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