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SMILE at Ratchaprasong
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Protestors and police/troops confront one another under the BTS station near Ratchaprasong intersection. Later, protestors storm the street at Silom. The situation at Ratchaprasong intersection was tense yesterday morning after security forces were deployed to prevent the red shirts from marching to 11 routes declared off-limits by government order. Minor scuffles were reported during a stand-off between the two sides until the red shirt leaders called off the march. Four military Humvees were seized by protesters at Sala Daeng intersection where one of the clashes took place. But after it became clear the government would not break up the rally and the security forces were only there to pressure them into leaving the intersection, the UDD leaders returned the vehicles and renewed the march plan. UDD co-leader Jatuporn Prompan last night told the protesters the CAPO had assigned Maj Gen Waris Rojanapakdee, chief of the 2nd Infantry Division, to lead an operation to disperse the red shirts, probably before dawn today. The CAPO yesterday deployed thousands of anti-riot officers around the Ratchaprasong area and tried to pressure the red shirts to move away from the city’s main shopping district. “The red shirts have blocked Ratchaprasong but have not so far done any damage or resorted to violence like last April. So there is no justification to use force to disperse them,” the source said.
Another army source said there was little the army could do given the situation and Mr Abhisit might need political measures to defuse the situation. “It is up to the prime minister to decide. But it should be resolved through political means. Dialogue is needed to break the impasse involving a House dissolution,” the source said. It is possible the cabinet will extend the Internal Security Act to help authorities handle the red shirt situation when it meets today, the source said.

Flure – Honeymoon @ SMILE at Ratchaprasong

Title: Flure – Honeymoon @ SMILE at Ratchaprasong

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8 Responses to “Flure – Honeymoon @ SMILE at Ratchaprasong”

  1. ek4lap says:

    Stupid red shirt supporter.Before protest Thaksin had said ” I WILL COME
    STAY WITH YOU ALL RED SHIRT WHEN FIGHTING”. But now have red shirt
    supporter dead, did Thaksin come stand with u all fighting? where Thaksin
    now? he is enjoy with watching news that red shirt is dead for him and
    loughing you all red shirt. Very stupid supporter.

  2. pbl826 says:

    Who is the “Farang” at 1:01 ? Intelligence agency operative? Which one ?
    CIA? ASIO? MI5?

  3. marx369 says:

    stupid red shirt

  4. slimithy12 says:

    @pbl826 lol, MI6 is my guess

  5. Terry Barksdale says:

    All these comments will be deleted. Moderator.

  6. rich b says:

    Long live the RED SHIRTS

  7. kitti648 says:

    love love love love red shird.

  8. Ben Krutpong says:

    red shirt: why r u army here army: to keep peace red shirt: is there any
    thing we did that againt the law me: yeah u block road and if we leave wat
    u going to do and who start this SHIT