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Money ; ngern ;เงิน
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36 My Thai Language School : Let’s talk about money.

Title: 36 My Thai Language School : Let’s talk about money.

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Added on: December 7th, 2014

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9 Responses to “36 My Thai Language School : Let’s talk about money.”

  1. Thalar Moemin says:

    I like this video..

  2. damned1313 says:

    Great video. Just to help you out in learning English. We say can I have
    change please. We don’t use the word for coin when asking for smaller notes
    or actual coins. We say change.

  3. TONYLOUIS100 says:


  4. Eddie James says:

    I really like this video it shows money in clear terms. Great

  5. TONYLOUIS100 says:

    Thank you for the lesson

  6. toughchud says:

    thanks for posting this video. please do more!!! phom chorb rian paa-saa
    thai, korb kuhn krap!

  7. pailaew69 says:

    Great lesson. Thanks.I brought some Thai Bath back from my last trip to
    Thailand. Hopefuly, the same note will still be used when I return…

  8. Decepticon says:

    Please put text in Thai font also.. and some tone marks. Nice video, thanks!

  9. rezsoe60 says:

    Excellent VDO ! คุณครูผมขอบคุณครับ