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Cult place of Bangkok,Thailand by schreibikus

Une rue incontournable dans Bangkok : Kao San Road [thumbs_up].La rue des “Back-Papers”, c’est l’épicentre des voyageurs où l’on vient faire les achats des dernières minutes de ce qu’on à oublié d’acheter ailleurs dans toute la thailande avant le départ..On y trouve presque tout, le seul soucis est qu les pix sont deux fois plus haut qu’ailleurs,il faut le savoir pour pouvoir mieux San Road c’est aussi la rue où l’on peut manger de délicieux petits plats achetés aux shops ambulants,dont les fameuses Pad Thai [thumbs_up] [thumbs_up].Quelques discothèques,pub et bars en plein air pour un dernier soir de fetes avant de rentrer au bercail sont à disposition des fêtards :).Pour les nostalgiques des massages traditionnels thai, la rue en est largement pourvue dans les galeries avoisinantes de la rue.Bref Kao San Road, c’est une mini-vitrine de la thailande 🙂
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Khao San Road , Bangkok,schreibikus

Title: Khao San Road , Bangkok,schreibikus

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26 Responses to “Khao San Road , Bangkok,schreibikus”

  1. keepitthai says:

    lol Its MR Thailand at 40seconds

  2. DennisSupreme says:

    I got so wasted in Kao San. One moment I was sitting and drinking my drink
    at 11pm, next thing i know, I was dancing with a girl and it was 4am. It
    happened in a flash. I don’t remember what happened in those 5 hours. came
    back home and passed out over the toilet haha

  3. dave temuchin says:

    Is Gulliver’s Tavern still at the bottom of kao san road?

  4. alby303 says:

    Just love the Kaosahn Rd freak show ,especially the dreadlocked ,bongo
    playing,firestick twirling hippie wannabes who has done his Chiang Mai hill
    tribe trek and full moon party on Koh Phangan trying to tell me about Thai

  5. KmanAvenger says:

    lololo bangkok.

  6. SeLbI187 says:

    wie heisst des lied des is ja mega ‘! ^^

  7. LukeFromGermany says:

    fisch, wenn dus weißt sags mir du hurensohn 😛

  8. Bangers250cr says:

    That why a cock like will go no where in life! Well theres all ways the pub
    down the road.

  9. BIGGERLebowski says:

    what is a looser? too many assumptions there mate. ive been and do not fit
    that description. you might see some people like that trying to be hip ,but
    that didnt stop me from doing my thing. its a beautiful place.

  10. shredderLI says:

    Khao san is pretty grimey but most of bangkok is too dude, you should
    understand that before going to Thailand… Stay on Rambutrri rd which has
    higher end accomodation and is a block away still right in the fun. I was
    just there last week, meet good people, good times and plenty of Beer

  11. Bangers250cr says:

    haha u actually replied u sad loser!!lol on her o sorry his i.d was the
    name john??lol

  12. Bangers250cr says:

    haha aye Nurse in Gullivers is that wat she said??lol I pulled scientist in

  13. tom chong says:

    this place i going before, is very relax place and a lot difrent country
    people like it.

  14. cathurler says:

    wots this song????

  15. Luce says:

    yeah .. whats the name of the song? i searched the words in the end but the
    goggles .. they did nothing?!

  16. Kreatores says:

    Best fuckin street in the world!! Oh the memories .. Thumbs!

  17. Stringer Bell says:

    its 30 days and it’s ez to renew once your there

  18. krahong says:

    thao khaosan? dont you mean thanon khaosan?

  19. edwin1697 says:

    terrible place, got to sukhumvit near nana. much better hotels, bars,
    hookers and clubs….and much closer too the airport. 2 day max bangkok
    than straight to kho chang or other paradises

  20. mrrubenlufc1 says:

    i was trottin down that just a couple of weeks ago.. and i liked the tuk
    tuks.. even tho one guy did call the police on us

  21. ob1kanukie says:

    Tourist Brutality… Great for the Thai Economy!!!

  22. LukeFromGermany says:

    whats the name of this song?

  23. tonyz3901 says:

    this place is rubbish like a cheap flea market in the u.k full of scum
    thinking they are 60’s hippies…waste of time

  24. aidgebo says:

    did you got Aids from kaosan road ducth man ha ha there are many sick women
    and lady boy you can try bich and swine flu from you friend too dutch dog

  25. yojo619 says:

    Q. Is khao san a shitty place A. YES Q. Will i have fun there A. Hell Yes

  26. pichmolm says:

    Pad Thai in Khao San Road