8 Responses to “Pchy at Central Chidlom Dec 25-2007”

  1. johnnydeleoz says:

    hehe,, im just bluffing,, ^^ but if it ever happens, tell me.. i’ll also be
    your fan! ^^

  2. lovechunella says:

    … if only… but i know it was, is and will be impossible. ’cause i’ve
    tried once and failed and shocked and cried.

  3. lovechunella says:

    COULD ANYONE HELP TRANSLATE WHAT pitch SAID? T_T pitch is charming, petch
    is also cute~^____^

  4. johnnydeleoz says:

    he said “id like to thank ‘lovechunella’ for the undying support, i love
    you”.. good enough? ^_^

  5. Shengvg L says:

    I like you.. you like me.

  6. naan naan says:

    ขออนุญาตแชร์ด้วยคนนะจ๊ะตูน ขอบคุณจ้า 🙂

  7. pawida W. says:

    หล่อเวอร์อีกที ก่อนนอน

  8. sry naweesakhon says:

    ลองดูวิดีโอนี้บน YouTube: