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The colour “Red” vividly returned to Ratchaprasong this afternoon: three weeks after Sombat Boonngamanong first tied a red ribbon at the intersection, and nearly two months after the colour was swept away from the area following the dramatic end of the long-running rally, the activist, fresh from a stint in jail, was back. In a small demonstration that was washed with potent symbolism, a number of Red Shirt supporters, led by Sombhat returned to the scene of the once sprawling camp in a visual gesture. Sombhat, the founder of the Mirror Foundation (a Bangkok-based NGO that is focused on working in the northern province of Chiang Rai) was only released from a spell jail on Friday that followed his arrest at the same spot on June 26 when he also tied red ribbons to commemorate the dead. Then he was arrested under the “emergency decree’ which is still in force in Bangkok and 18 other provinces – so the question this afternoon was – would he be swiftly hauled off again? With the Centre for Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) still enforcing the decree that forbids that gathering of more than five people in one place the police would have the mechanism to act – while late Sunday afternoon in the Ratchaprasong area, thick with middle class shoppers, and memories still raw of the destructive arson that accompanied the end of the rally, isn’t exactly a heartland of Red support. Since the end of the rally the scene at Ratchaprasong has changed dramatically. Under the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority’s theme of Together We Can the area has been tidied up and bright banners hang everywhere proclaiming that commercial life here back in full swing, business is returning to normal. The fire-damaged CentralWorld mall as been covered up with huge banners around the section that was burnt away. One reads Rebuilding Zen: Loving Thailand and on the adjacent side Miss You Zen while down at the other end the huge glass-fronted mall, the bookending sister department store, Isetan has been tidied, isoolated from the damage and is back in action. The Skywalk across the intersection, that was once hung with a huge red banner right above the UDD’s that read peaceful protestors: Not Terrorists at the height of the protest, now glitters with a lit-up sign that proclaims Amazing Thailand: Grand sale 2010. A few of Sombat’s supporters turned up in dribs-and-drabs, with many wearing red or white T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan I Am Red before – suddenly – around 30-40 demonstrators swept in from across Ploenchit Road and quickly set to work wrapping red tape around the two steel poles that support the intersection sign in the corner of the paved area, as well as placing sticker messages on other poles and advertising hoardings while many held up printed A4 sheets of paper bearing the message in English and Thai: People Died Here. In a classic case of street theatre, three demonstrators daubed in red paint sprawled motionless on the pavement behind the intersection sign to remember those that died in the conflict. At bang on 5:00 PM 42-year-old Sombat, who was reportedly closely involved in setting up the “Red” movement (one of his confidants apparently chose the synonymous colour) but was never part of the core leadership, swept in wearing a white T-shirt printed with the I Am Red message, and immediately started wrapping a long, flowing red cloth banner around the intersection sign which, by now, was awash with red ribbons and tape up both is steel pole uprights. It provided a perfect media visual as a bunch photographers (and the odd TV camera) formed a scrum in front of the blue-painted sign as he then posed under it, bookended on all sides by a sea of red cloth while another supporter held up a flickering red candle. A short speech later and Sombat was quickly engulfed in journalists as well as supporters who chased autographs, particularly proffering the latest copy of Mathichon magazine where he is pictured on the front cover striking a defiant pose with one finger symbolically pointing straight upwards. The police kept their monitoring of the events this afternoon very low-key, the uniformed forces of law-and-order relaxing just yards away with officers occasionally mingling amongst the demonstrators and only calming one over-enthusiastic younger member who was spilling red dye on the paving slabs as he – in impromptu fashion – mimicked a fallen Red Shirt. Around a curious dozen onlookers watched the proceedings unfold from the Skywalk under the BTS above with one man briefly shouting encouragement. At around 6:00 PM, just over an hour after they had started off, the demonstration wound to an end as Sombat’s supporters drifted off.

Pathum Wan is an exciting area of Bangkok in Thailand. You could easily spend a whole day here and still not see everything. Pathum Wan or Pathumwan is one of the 50 districts ( or Khet as they are known in Thailand ) of Bangkok, Thailand. The district is bounded by seven other districts Ratchathewi ( across the canal Khlong Saen Saeb ), Watthana, Khlong Toei, Sathon, Bang Rak, Pom Prap Sattru Phai ( across the canal Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem ), and Dusit.
The embassies of Switzerland, at 35, North Wireless Rd, the United Kingdom at 14 Wireless Road and the United States at 120-122, Wireless Rd are located in Pathum Wan
The district is sub divided into four sub districts. Rong Mueang Wang Mai Pathum Wan and Lumphini
The district was established in 1914 and it is named after a Buddhist temple Wat Pathum Wanaramand in the nearby Sa Pathum Palace. Both being built to the order of King Mongkut ~ Rama IV and was so named, because of the abundance of lotus flowers in Khlong Saen Saeb during his reign. Pathum Wan is best known for it’s shopping centres. Siam Centre is the oldest one in the area which opened in 1973, this is now joined by Siam Discovery Centre and Siam Paragon ( which opened in December 2005 ) and Paragon Cineplex & IMAX.
One of the most crowded and the most popular to both local people and tourists is MBK Centre also known as Mah Boon Krong. Here you will find perhaps the largest collection of mobile / cell phones for sale around Bangkok. It is packed with shops offering fashion items, mobile / cell phones and souvenirs. A covered, air conditioned pedestrian bridge over Phaya Thai Road connects to a congested sister shopping centre, the Bonanza Mall, which mostly sells inexpensive clothing and fashion accessories. MBK can be found at 444 Phaya Thai Rd. Pathum Wan, Bangkok on the western corner of Pathum Wan intersection , with Rama I Road and Phaya Thai Road.
At eight stories high, the centre hosts around 2,000 stores and services, including the 4 story Tokyu department store, restaurants and entertainment. MBK Centre, opened in 1985, and is one of the oldest shopping malls in Asia, and was the largest when it was built. It is located on land leased from the adjacent Chulalongkorn University. This lease was renewed in 2002. The centre was named after the parents of the developer Sirichai Bulakul, Mah & Boonkrong, whose statues grace the ground floor.
Floors 1 to 3: Clothing and shoes, leather goods, cosmetics and hairstyling, toys, gold and jewellery.
Floor 4: Electronics, mobile phones, CD and MP3
Floor 5: International food hall, restaurants, furniture, photography, computing.
Floor 6: Food centre, souvenir shops
Floor 7: Movie theatres, bowling, karaoke
Floor 8: Movie theatre.
The four story Tokyu department store is located at the northern end of MBK Centre.
I have been to this huge shopping mall many times over the years while visiting Bangkok. The strange thing is, even though I know the mall well, I still manage to lose my way inside. The restaurant is huge, offering food from all over the world. You buy tickets at a counter, then exchange them at each food stall depending on what type of food you want. Any vouchers / tickets remaining must be exchanged back the same day. The number of mobile phones for sale here is vast. So many top brand names on sale along with copy ones, counterfeit to you and I. So be careful, always ask and get a receipt.
Having bought many phones from here, I have to admit I have never had a problem. Many are legitimate and honest people being in a top shopping mall. However on the lower ground if you are buying clothes , take a tape measure, many of the sizes mean nothing to foreigners. Then when you have selected any item do not lose sight of it. I was once subjected to the switch con, where the item of clothing is taken for a useless sized similar / inferior one under the counter. I only fell for that once. However it is really annoying to get home to find its nothing like the size you wanted after measuring them.

“Red” back at Ratchaprasong – 11 July 2010

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