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pub inglese bullys bangkok sukhumvit road angolo soi nana interni del bully’s pub inglese a bangkok sulla sukhumvit road vicino nana plaza
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Sukhumvit Road Bangkok Soi 3 to Soi 4 (NANA)

Busy road looking over to the Nana hotel beside Nana plaza and its go-go bars..
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pub inglese bullys bangkok sukhumvit road angolo soi nana

Title: pub inglese bullys bangkok sukhumvit road angolo soi nana

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Added on: December 31st, 2014

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10 Responses to “pub inglese bullys bangkok sukhumvit road angolo soi nana”

  1. TheNorse51 says:

    i was in there 4 times last week good food and great beer and the service
    was great.but its very expensive.

  2. carbon4me says:

    Oh yes. The Majestic Grande. I know the hotel but have not stayed. Did you
    enjoy the stay at this hotel? I will check out your other videos from bkk.
    I have stayed at Landmark 8 or 9 times. I am flying Thai directly to bkk.
    First, I will take United from San Francisco to LAX. Because I booked just
    last week and used my miles the United SFO-Narita-Bkk route was not
    available. It will be interesting to be on one plane for 18 hours. This is
    part of the journey to travel to southeast Asia :).

  3. 19bootsy68 says:

    Hi, Im sure you fly over the north pole on the Thai flight and then come
    down to asia, and if im right im sure the Thai flight does not go back the
    same way, It does one big loop if you know what i mean?, The Majestic grand
    is perfect for me, I always stay in the deluxe rooms, and im sure its
    cheaper than the Landmark, Give it a try sometime but book it on asiarooms
    its a bit cheaper if you do, Hey Thai do upgrades on the day for a medium
    charge well they do from LHR, Worth looking into? Bye.

  4. Lee Claxton says:

    You hear stories about Sukhumvit Road being one of the more upmarket areas
    of Bangkok… and then you see the evidence with your own eyes through
    videos such as this one… I love the Thai people, but the city is
    underdeveloped in most places.

  5. carbon4me says:

    Nice video. Did you stay in the area? I will be leaving from San Francisco
    next month and staying at the Landmark. Cupertino, Ca

  6. shenzhenprostitute says:

    very happy to see no soi dogs there .

  7. 19bootsy68 says:

    I was waiting for my friends here, i love Bangkok..there is something about
    the place for me…my first time in Bangkok i was so drunk one night i
    walked into a baby elephant on Soi Cowboy as i was walking backwards out of
    a gogo bar…the gogo girls were shouting..”No,No, Chang”..i thought they
    wanted me and my also mortal drunk friend to stay…until i turned around
    face first into the baby elephant…what a pair of retards we must have

  8. Watch Ryder says:

    Like the dinky asian music playing in the background! 🙂 4*

  9. 19bootsy68 says:

    I had a bit time to kill and was waiting for my mates to come so i thought
    i would do a poor video of the Nana area, Of the 7 visits to Nana i have
    see 2 people get knocked over here, Maybe in my head i was waiting for a
    3rd person to get knocked over? But yes the music is good in the background.

  10. 19bootsy68 says:

    Thanks and yes i always stay in the Nana area, I always stay at the
    Majestic Grande on Soi 2, In one of my poor vidoes i think you can see the
    Landmark from my hotel(swimming pool one), Go on google earth and have a
    look at the area where the Landmark is, You might get a room that looks
    down on Nana Plaza when you stay there, Who you flying with? Thai does a
    non-stop flight from LAX are you flying down to LAX for the 17 hour flight,
    Or are you flying United via Tokoyo or Honolulu from SFO?..