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Shaping a guitar nut from a bone blank using an assortment of files. A good quality nut, made from good materials, will provide improved tone, intonation, and tuning stability.

Having a belt sander would speed up the process by cutting out a lot of manual filing.

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Making a Bone Nut for Guitar

Title: Making a Bone Nut for Guitar

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Added on: January 7th, 2015

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25 Responses to “Making a Bone Nut for Guitar”

  1. ArriCAT5e says:

    I’m making a nut for my Jazzmaster. The nut slot is curved like the finger
    board which means the bottom of the nut has to have the same curve on the
    bottom in order to be seated properly.
    I put a piece of sand paper on the finger board and rubbed the nut up and
    down the finger board and ended up sanding a curve into the bottom of the
    nut which allowed it to be seated perfectly in the nut slot. 😀 Proud of

  2. goatstaog says:

    @3:06 so I might as well just not put a nut in at all if it’s all about
    feel. Numbers shmumbers – music has NOTHING to do with numbers right?
    People – get a ruler make your life a bit easier and exact.

  3. Jmyster4 says:

    have the same guitar. Ibanez Art 100, recognized the headstock symbol
    instantly :P

  4. yetmeng1 says:

    im just curious wouldnt it be easier to get the dimensions and string
    spacing from the original nut before ?

  5. micky rooney says:

    A good vid,young Angus…

  6. Bjarke Frederiksen says:


  7. Hugo Santos says:

    CSGuitars hey dude can you make me a nut for a chinese stratocaster. i’d
    pay you to send to me (Portugal)

  8. Andrew McLaughlin says:

    What sort of glue did you use to attach the nut back on? Or did it just
    slot straight in the groove? Cheers 

  9. NilezII says:

    I know Bjarke! If you think THAT’S bad try working ivory. I tried making
    something out of ivory once, and I couldn’t do it for the smell. Burning

  10. nineball26 says:

    I would just like to add if you are doing a “bone” nut use a MASK, this is
    cadaver bone and just cuz its animal doesn’t mean it doesn’t react the same
    as human..

    cadaver bone dust is used for constructive surgeries so it takes a hold and
    grows like normal bone in about 2-3 months


    breathing bone dust into your lung is BAD, it will take hold so be very
    careful and wear a full mask never around children or animals, especially
    if sanding it turns to “dust” and hangs for some time, a little goes a long

    also I use a block of wood, 10″ x 2X8″ and I wrap 120 grit around it,
    actually I use the belt sander paper so it just slides over the wood for
    FLAT sanding surface, i then sand all my flat areas scraping up the bone
    dust and collecting it for repairs I may have later, mixed with super glue
    you can do emergency repairs on nuts and saddles, machine tuning knobs
    whatever, if a string slot is useless by a chip coming off fill the entire
    area with superglue and bone dust then reshape, still have a nut in use on
    a classical I did that to 4 months ago or so..

    peace dood

  11. nineball26 says:

    “I put a bucket here so I don’t get nut all over the place” lol

    shreck shapes his nut

  12. RedroomStudios says:

    that is some fine craftsmanship… I tend to use the sight / feel method

  13. CSGuitars says:

    There will be quite a few videos regarding it coming soon 🙂

  14. whybotherwithauserna says:

    A tip- if you stick the blank on the neck with one side flush with the edge
    of the neck when you mark it for shaping then you only have to cut off one
    side with a hacksaw instead of both sides.

  15. SeanylikesDeathMetal says:

    Super Awesome

  16. CSGuitars says:

    I don’t have any gauged files specifically for string slots. I find them to
    be overly expensive when I can get equally good results from a set of good
    quality needle files which are multi purpose. I use a half round file for
    slotting mostly, the skill is in turning it to keep the slot even.

  17. 4lifejkmusic says:

    hey Colin just wondering whats going on with danaOhara, i really liked
    letter to dana.

  18. Matt Olver says:

    Could you do a review of that bugera head?

  19. MrNosky666 says:

    Marry me please?

  20. Gordj Scott says:

    Pencil lube!

  21. James Davidson says:

    the e and b strings look too close together to me

  22. SDJrekoff says:

    You and I, me brother have pretty similar playin’ techniques.

  23. Violet Deliriums says:

    neat…i’ve never seen a nut shaped like that with the back filed down like
    that…i’ll bet it allows the string to vibrate more…i have done that
    with the pencil on double bass nuts before…nice work!

  24. shaun hartel says:

    Nice work

  25. Justin Heron says:

    This video is pretty ace, I’d say! I do wish you would have included a demo
    of the files you used to cut the slots though. Did you use gauged files?