25 Responses to “Motorcycle Nut on the Loose”

  1. bradlo308 says:

    what a nutt bag. ride it like you stole it to the max…

  2. chinesefake says:

    Wow! Makes ne want to buy a moped. Ive already got the L plates so I’m
    halfway there!

  3. chinesefake says:

    Wow! Makes ne want to buy a moped. Ive already got the L plates so I’m
    halfway there!

  4. Reverseflush says:

    @Nnells421 You see, I always over prepare thinking I am underestimating the
    other guy or guys. You started being an asshole driving like this and i
    know motorcyclists travel in packs. You wouldn’t be my first or my last. I
    leave my driveway looking for idiots like you, I have nothing else, you
    probably don’t understand this and think I am trying to pick a go nowhere
    fight here on YT. You know Fight Club? I belong to something that takes
    idiots like you out for a dirt nap. God told me to do it.

  5. MrSkaramanga says:

    @damien311 The roads in Athens Greece are made of a much more slick and
    durable surface than in the states. They are laden with crushed marble,
    otherwise they would melt to shit during the intense summer heat of Greece
    where temps can easily reach 110 degree’s farenheit. When I was there in
    87, it was 122.

  6. AGStylZ says:

    @mrgejwaites The street is wet, so the bike is constantly sliding.

  7. majormadass says:

    think how cool it is though, he’s mastered his bike knowing his limits

  8. blue bella says:

    damn greeks…

  9. John Byrne says:

    the cop he passed at 3.25 dident seem that bothered stopping him

  10. Sew Sumi says:

    @MrSkaramanga Dude, You’ve SERIOUSLY got issues man… Has “Ghostrider from
    Greece” got DVDs out??? Like, The DVDs I mentioned… THAT is ghostrider…
    Ghostrider isn’t greek, and GhostRider coined the name, so he’s the
    original… All others are fakes and imitators… As I said, You have
    serious issues, Go sort them out… (After all, Commenting on my profile
    with “Get a life” is stupid as all heck… I’ve kept my language clean, But
    you been swearing like a trooper. GHOSTRIDER ISN’T GREEK!

  11. MrSolja127 says:

    if you know what bike this is plz tell me 😀

  12. bisdak510biker says:

    badddd ass!

  13. KingsLane1 says:

    Couldnt or wouldnt try this myself ,though my friends and i ,sure do get a
    good laugh, ever rode like this id sure stop riding

  14. kaine969 says:

    This is how people die, idiot.

  15. MrDjvas says:

    The most common injury from crashing on a motorcycle is having ur testicles
    ripped off…(top gear)

  16. Sew Sumi says:

    @MrSkaramanga It’s not bullshit if it’s true…. That guy has “5 vids on
    youtube” … Ghostrider has 5+ DVDs… Full length… This is just a cover
    disc off a magazine… And I’m not talking out my ass, You’re the one being
    an egotistical idiot thinking that you’re correct. This dudes better off
    under a truck, If he himself is saying he’s GhostRider… Your mates are
    probably putting up vids trying to be cool naming them ghostrider… as he

  17. Runjari says:

    Fucking Brilliant !!! Keep it up.. If ye make any more be sure to post em..
    well worth watching.. n very skillfull too.. If everybody could DRIVE like
    this.. Fantastic !!!!!!! Rock On Dude !!!

  18. Sew Sumi says:

    @MrSkaramanga LAWL… There’s only one… and there is probably a trademark
    and a patent… After all, Marvel have the rights… GhostRider is a
    legend, No-one can match him…

  19. kaine969 says:

    serious stupidity

  20. Sirradal says:

    It seems like he’s countersteering ALOT! Are the streets wet? Hmm.. but
    with the wheelies he’s doing, I don’t think the streets are wet. I don’t
    know. Pay no attention to this post.

  21. Reverseflush says:

    When I see guys doing this I just move in their way, if they hit me, not my
    fault, I didn’t see you. You were driving reckless. But you know I did if
    you survive, and you might want to fight well I have a solution to that too

  22. HeavyMechNS says:

    @mroovax he is complete control, jsut need to be careful with nutter car
    drivers that do all the killing nowa days

  23. martoni2 says:

    0:32 nearly runs over somebodys foot lol

  24. Sirradal says:

    grow some nuts tool!

  25. virtsons says: