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Flood waters are slowly closing in on the heart of Bangkok, swamping major roads and threatening the downtown area’s luxury hotels, businesses and shopping malls. Duration: 00:40

Aerial images of flooded Bangkok

Title: Aerial images of flooded Bangkok

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Added on: January 13th, 2015

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3 Responses to “Aerial images of flooded Bangkok”

  1. MyMarikos says:

    If only the flood had gone away,in order to help Thai people. This disaster
    has nothing to do with God. It is about how the earth reacts in the human’s
    intervetion. In general Thai people are very religious and very friendly
    and most of the times in a big disaster poor people are more vulnerable
    than the rich people.

  2. ccb41 says:


  3. ealamin says:

    @ccb41 your definition of GOD?