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During the filming of the Ziryab Music and Art Festival in Kuala Lumpur I teamed up with a frisky VJ and we prowled the streets of Bukit Bintang to capture the following interviews….
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Arabic Tourists in Malaysia

Title: Arabic Tourists in Malaysia

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Added on: January 19th, 2015

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25 Responses to “Arabic Tourists in Malaysia”

  1. Safak Frank says:

    some stupid Malaysians hate tourists !
    do you know what is are tourists? the are source of income to your country!
    they provide jobs and salaries for you !
    a better the economy, would result in more jobs and better living

  2. Safak Frank says:

    i went to malaysia twice !
    the best thing about malaysia is that its Islamic country, its normal to
    see Arabs and women with hijab ! so we won’t be worried about racism, 

  3. sun dance91 says:

    Lol the ladie at :41 said she was from Dubai. She lied through her teeth
    but the guy caughter her. wanna be

  4. Saif Abdulaziz says:

    I feel bad some malayasian muslims are hating arabs that are muslims…..
    is that what you do to your brothers and sisters? btw i understand many
    malayasians do infact love arabs instead of those who dont

  5. JustanAwesome Person? says:

    Thanks for supporting Malaysia … WE will give our Best … !
    We are united , even non muslims or muslims … Who Care about That ?
    We are One … Humanity

  6. Ervinaa Kasih says:

    Have a great vacation in Malaysia to Arabian tourist and Muslim tourist.
    Hope u guys love Malaysia. Insha Allah. Amin

  7. Eddy Aizad says:

    To the owner of this video please remove arsenic and bitter comments from
    nugentmilicent and boswellperkins.

  8. sikhman100 says:

    @boswellperkins read this to know all you need about malaysian society. At
    the bottom of the page, a malaysian baby was dumped in a bin and left to be
    eaten by cats. Tells you all you need to know about dirty savage malaysian
    society. Can you imagine this happening in INdia or pakistan

  9. Dong Ding says:

    Arabsia negaraku!

  10. adaadasaje says:

    good video.. thank because praise my country.. but to the hater, Malaysian
    neither invite nor force you come to our country, so pls stfu and mirror
    yourself! are u perfect creature? no, actually u are all sick..

  11. DadizTV says:

    @LemonQue yes u should be bro u should be XD ….i want to be honest with
    u… one thing i hate about malaysians is that they hate white people -.-
    they just hate me because im blond but im a really nice and humble person
    .the girls are okay but not the guys !! -.- this thing pisses me off !

  12. kill joy says:

    im malaysia welcome everyone to malaysia.

  13. Gdbreakerable says:

    @Lunaboxflexible You’re so right luna!

  14. Hazrul Mothage says:

    That’s why I see a lot of Arabic Tourists here and make Malaysia Top Choice
    for Muslim tourists… Thanks for visiting my country Malaysia… Malaysia
    Truly Asia… Please come again…

  15. profasor says:

    always non muslims like u are afraid of arabs and fear mongering

  16. QSH6H says:

    I went to Kuala lumpur in 06 and i might visit it again this summer 🙂
    can’t wait!!

  17. really500 says:

    Malaysia Truly Asia 😀

  18. rockto sky says:

    the heck?

  19. sikhman100 says:

    @terajasoos well if your a punjabi muslim why are you defending malaysia
    since i have many pakistani friends and pakistan seems a more high class
    more educated in terms of people country…..oh!! i see your one of those
    shitty little pakis with no shame a fifth class paki coolie who goes to
    malaysia like a coolie looking for work with no shame. PISS OFF CUNT

  20. Rami Saeed says:

    he is jew not arab he want us hate each ether do not belive any one on
    youtupe they come jew and american and they write shit and they say we are

  21. deqli mohd says:

    thanks arabic tourist…we all loves you so much from us malaysian
    peoples..malaysia is islamic country ,

  22. Mazalina Mina says:

    u welcom bro

  23. anssan858 says:

    malaysia is a nice country .

  24. wael alshammri says:

    there is no country called Dubai but there is country called emirates

  25. Ahmad Zaharin says:

    To all Malaysians, come on think, if you don’t have tourists in our
    country, how can we even have jobs to work? Our country is very
    competitive, so we need to work hard and make our country famous. Our
    tourist industry is currently rising with millions of visitors visiting our
    country. We need to be open and friendly. Don’t hate them and don’t
    criticize, instead advice them. God Bless Malaysia.