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No trip to China would be complete without a stop in Shanghai. During my short stay in the Paris of the East, I filmed a few of the attractions and restaurants I visited. So watch this video and maybe you’ll be inspired to check out some of the same spots.

The Bund
The Huangpu river is the divide between the eastern Pudong district and western Huangpu district. On the Bund, you’ll find a spectacular view of the familiar Shanghai skyline on the opposite western riverbank.

Nanjing walking street
This long street is closed off to cars and decked out with shops and vendors selling stuff you never even knew you wanted. What Khao San Road is to Bangkok, Nanjing Lu is to Shanghai.

Yuyuan garden
After experiencing the crowds and intensity of Nanjing Lu, visiting Yuyuan Garden will ease your nerves. For 40 RMB, you can buy a ticket to tranquility in a more than 400-year-old lush 5-acre garden.

French Concession
This area of the Huangpu District is so western that I almost forgot I was in China. Trendy cafes, restaurants and bars line the streets with patios under urban treetop canopies.

Tianzifang is a lively marketplace within a maze of tight alleyways loaded with tiny boutique shops, art galleries and cozy restaurants.

More Than Toilet
Hidden within Tianzifang lies one restaurant that’s so odd and interesting, I had to stop in to check it out for myself. More Than Toilet is a restaurant where you can eat pancakes, ice-cream and coffee off of bathroom tableware while sitting on a cushioned commode.

World Financial Observatory
To the east of the Huangpu river is the Pudong District, which is hardly China as much as it is an Asian reflection of New York city. Here you can visit the 474-meter-tall observatory for a dizzying view of the city (if it’s not too smoggy outside).

Din Tai Fung
After visiting the observatory, stay in the World Financial Center and drop down to the 3rd floor for some grub in Din Tai Fung. This restaurant serves the most juicy, delicious dumplings I’ve ever had the pleasure of digesting.

Known dually as the ‘Paris of the East’ and the ‘Whore of the Orient,’ Shanghai is a city where east meets west in a clash of modernity and ancient society. The crowds, the food, and the familiar skyline drew me in like a moth to a flame. I was only there for a few days, but I tried to capture some cool spots that every out-of-towner should check out during a visit to China’s financial and artistic epicenter.


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Law of Attraction Magnifique Exclusive 2 – Bob Proctor

Title: Law of Attraction Magnifique Exclusive 2 – Bob Proctor

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26 Responses to “Law of Attraction Magnifique Exclusive 2 – Bob Proctor”

  1. Magnifique Magazine says:
  2. Quincy McBride says:

    WOW! Shanghai looks fascinating. I’m from Chicago so I can definitely see
    the similarities between the two cities in terms of architecture and the
    topography. Chicago also sits on a backdrop of modern skyscrapers with a
    waterfront serving as the front door! I can’t wait to visit one day. 

  3. Katrina Maree says:

    I have been watching all your videos for hours now and they are making me
    even more excited for my trip to Shanghai in January! Great videos!
    Just wondering if you or any other people reading this have any tips for
    while in China, and what the weather will be like, I’ve read its very cold
    in January? and any other places that are a must see?
    thanks :)

  4. Xueqian Liu says:

    I spent four year Shanghai during 2010-2014, this city developed in a rapid
    speed during the four years. This glorious city is really modern and
    luxury. But it’s sooooo crowded and exteremely hot and humid during summer
    days, I can’t even imagine whether I could have survived without an AC.
    I missed those snacks in Shanghai as well as the beautiful skyline.
    However, you can see the huge difference between rich and poor if you ever
    walked in those slums in Shanghai. People in Shanghai have a quite diverse
    appetite cuz they’re from everywhere in the world. You hardly miss your
    hometown in Shanghai when you can find a restaurant in ur hometown flavor.
    However, Shanghai has a growing population of more than 20 million, and
    everyone seems busy and emotionless, just like in New York City. So far
    it’s still a heaven for the riches and a dreamland for young people.

  5. Mark Wiens says:

    Durianything! Loved the video Kevin, well done, makes me want to visit

  6. 陆文超 says:

    Omg, I’m studying in Newcastle upon Tyne, and this wonderful video really
    remind me the beauty of my hometown shanghai and also the mouth watering
    food. Very very good video. While Kevin you ate the xiao long bao in the
    wrong way. Normally we will give it a little bit, taste the soup after it’s
    not that hot, and finally, put the whole thing in your mouth, I think
    you’ll find it’s even more delicious if you take your time and taste it

  7. Alice Liu says:

    Used to hate going back back to china…..bugs bites and yuck toliets….
    now I’m really missing them food. Haha lucky me I got my mom! Do a dim sum
    video!!!!!!! Also have you tried the tofu soup thing? It is sweet and I had
    it in eastern southern China 

  8. Zheng Xin Yue says:

    Thank you Kevin for the video, it helps to heal my homesick. 

  9. liang qiao says:

    Shanghai’s importance comes from its geographic location: it’s where
    Yangtze River (long river) line and coast line met. Both are economy
    streams /bloodlines of China for quite some times (at least few hundred
    years). Do a radiation of 200km around Shanghai, have a look at the status
    and econmy within the circle.
    Now, do the same trick to Beijing, you will conclude: a mistake!

  10. John Kien says:

    My time well spent/ Thanks for your experience!! 

  11. fyx13579 says:

    Fun Fact!
    “whore of the orient” also happens to be the name of game that is TBA and
    very debated over the name for the use of the word “orient”

  12. yeroplane says:

    Hey Kevin, I love your videos, but could you frequently do some Vlogs
    hanging out in shanghai’s CBD? I love to get a feel for the beautiful
    modern city life and stuff 😛 

  13. 苏萩遥 says:

    Love your videos! I always think that “Sheng Jian” is more popular than
    “Xiao Long” (that dumpling in the video) among westerners 🙂 Cuz unlike
    Xiao Long, Sheng Jian is crispy and juicy! Now I’m in NYC, struggling with
    final exams these days, which makes me a little bit depressed 🙁 But your
    video lights me up! Beautiful memories about my hometown flush into my head
    and drive the negative thoughts away. I love Shanghai so much. Thanks a lot
    for sharing your video with us1

  14. Matt V says:


  15. s jasper says:

    u should try “小杨生煎,小绍兴,小南国” those three restaurants. 

  16. Carol X. says:

    that isn’t a dumpling though, it’s called xiao long bao (小笼包) 

  17. littlepiepie says:

    you are so cute XD just dont point with chopsticks

  18. Nial Stewart says:

    Liking the Drake sample in the background

  19. Tommy Wang says:

    Just hold on I am going home:)

  20. Manh Lanhhong says:

    i don’t like citis of china. their air are very terrible! they are really
    the ugliest citis in the would!

  21. qu xiao says:

    i am the Shanghainese which i studying in Singapore. first of all thanks
    for u video. for truth ding tai feng is not very good, the local
    shanghainese never go this restaurant. if u want to truly know shanghai
    food or landscape u must let local shanghainese to give u advise…….i
    means the local shanghainese who can speak the local dialcet….

  22. Obi Alfred says:

    Who’s the girl at 0:35?

    She’s beautiful! Dang

  23. smerikF says:

    I lived there for half a year and im going back in a few weeks. Best place
    on earth

  24. Shuvo Das says:

    Hi Kevin, have you attended any training programme on videography? All your
    videos have a professional touch in them. Nice work. Keep it up.

  25. Ginny Vo says:

    I’m from Vietnam , and I also have a love with Shanghai. my dream is being
    able to travel to this city in near future. Thanks Cook, you help me having
    a real feeling about daily life in SH 🙂 

  26. Joseph Stalin says:

    shanghai city is pretty unique….next to the buzzing city CBD, you get
    local shanghainese residents carrying on with their way of living…like
    play a game of Chinese chess along the street…..