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Tour the Adult Nightlife Entertainment Centres of Pattaya Thailand.

Police, however, are investigating after the 68-second video, which began circulating on the Internet over the weekend, showed four naked women dancing and tantalising at least six men – some wearing white…

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What what?! My delirious last flight, and arrival in Bangkok! +What a sexy hotel room.

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Bangkok Ebi Sauna & Fitness club nude video

Title: Bangkok Ebi Sauna & Fitness club nude video

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26 Responses to “Bangkok Ebi Sauna & Fitness club nude video”

  1. TBCNews says:

    tailand tour

  2. LoveAlanaChan says:

    Seriously, does anyone know who Mary Anne Torkleson is?!
    ps no idea how to spell that…

  3. al capone says:

    Cool channel, subbed

  4. wasan wongyaman says:

    Thai elephant and You, Which video?

  5. midala40 says:

    nice video, your too funny. Been to Thailand many times crazy but wonderful

  6. bullboy says:

    That old man was wearing a mask on the plain?

  7. MadiTravelChan says:

    Are there any other vlogs that are exactly like this that you’ve made? I
    love em’! 😀

  8. DELROY says:

    0:15 guy looks like KD

  9. Humayraa1 says:

    Me and my cousin went to Thailand in July 😀 I absolutely LOVED it! In
    Bangkok we stayed in the Ambassador hotel. Go to floating market, its soo
    good but they do try and con you lol We also went to patayya which was
    amazing. We vlogged our experience but my cousin hasn’t put it up yet

  10. John Cloutte says:

    For someone who doesn’t vlog, you’re pretty damn good at it.

  11. ezetreezy says:

    traffic lip! UGHHHHH xD

  12. Nasser Abu Ahmed says:

    I’m in love with u Alana

  13. Robert Newton says:

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  14. LoserFailToWin says:

    @redcobra59 <

  15. simrr says:

    Grüße aus Deutschland 🙂 I actually don’t like vlogs but youres are very
    enterntaining 🙂 Are you there all alone or are you meet up with friends?

  16. Watcharawoot Chandapradit says:

    just keep repeating at 0:07 =3

  17. LoveAlanaChan says:

    I don’t know, I just do!

  18. Mai J. says:

    I like your vlogging style 🙂

  19. LoveAlanaChan says:

    Yay! tweet me the link when they start going up!

  20. LoveAlanaChan says:

    Oh man yes, and I get crazy stares too! You may notice in the back-round of
    some videos.

  21. TheMonotoner says:

    @LoveAlanaChan your so cute to reply, i was joking you are cute as a
    button, do more vlogs your better infront then behind the camera.

  22. Harwell Dekatron says:

    100 baht for the cab ride? Damn, your good looks definitely saved you some
    change. More money for fruit shakes.

  23. arulisms says:

    where is your India videos? What was the name of the hotel? Name and Shame

  24. DearestMeg says:

    And by Maryann you clearly mean Dorthy Jane Torkelson.

  25. Neo Nomatix says:


  26. Music Mouse says:

    @LoveAlanaChan You probably get that alot because of your eyes 🙂 Thanks
    for replying back.