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This was an actual ad on the radio for Corn Nuts a few years ago. It was pulled after a few weeks but it was good while it lasted. Sing along…and try not to laugh.

Documentary on the creation of Mark Morris’ Nutcracker.
Directed by Alexandro Pacheco
Produced by Christy Bolingbroke and Alexandro Pacheco for MMDG / Nonesuch Records, a division of Warner Music Inc.
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Corn Nuts radio ad

Title: Corn Nuts radio ad

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Added on: February 2nd, 2015

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48 Responses to “Corn Nuts radio ad”

  1. Steelwaterfall1 says:

    I busted a nut at a gas station…Next thing I know I’m in police custody
    for “public exposure”. Fuck you corn nuts.

  2. Brian Workman says:

    OMG! I love #CornNuts

    Via +Cesario Cadena 

  3. krcm1981 says:

    This could be considered the dawn of our modern civilization. 

  4. Sam Haas says:

    I know you want deez nuts…

  5. 2wingo says:

    I’ve got to find a way to make this my ringtone.

  6. hanyuukawaiinanodesu says:

    How did the singer not “bust one of his nuts” laughing so hard?!

  7. Orion MacGregor says:

    You can do it at school, just don’t get caught!

  8. Kirkendall Greene says:

    That was so wonderful.

  9. Nican Tlaca Warrior says:

    I remember this commercial on a sport talk radio station in the late 90’s

  10. Phil H says:

    the announcer sounds stoned haha. i remember getting shit for eating these
    at school. awesome that this ad got air time.

  11. crossphaded says:

    yes sir, as the +The Hodgetwins would say, bust ALL KINDS A NUTZ!

  12. akhona bat says:

    Bust a nut at a convenient store near you. Had me in stitches.

  13. iownalx23 says:

    ALL KINDZ of nuts, ALL KINDZ…

  14. Red Genesect says:

    “It’s not about anything else.”
    Sure, sure.

  15. survivelist101 says:


  16. pfizzle650 says:

    i love busting nuts. =D

  17. Orgoik says:

    Imagine being out in public and all of a sudden this plays as your cell
    phone ringer. XD

  18. Robert McAdoo says:

    lol omg I totally remember hearing this on the radio back then.

  19. danny ingersoll says:

    i love bustin a nut

  20. Tonia682 says:

    : o Too funny!!!

  21. breezebro says:

    It would hardly raise an eyebrow now. I love dem corn nuts.

  22. Substitute102 says:

    i swear,there is no way this isn’t intentional…

  23. Steven295965 says:

    Meaning: Corn Nuts are amazing! Bring them EVERYWHERE!

    Other Meaning: Sex is fun! You can do it anywhere! Just don’t get caught!

  24. Jeremy Hall says:

    my new favorite song

  25. neutralground82 says:

    I remember this being on the radio and being a little shocked. Funny

  26. A Pac says:

    Do it! It’s so worth having this work in the home and my mini-doc is one of
    the features along with a deleted scene starring Mark Morris himself. 

  27. mrskamran says:

    Oh I just love this, it’s my favorite. I need to just break down and buy
    the DVD!!

  28. APWorldNY says:

    The 1992 production filmed for PBS is on OvationTV this holiday season,
    part of a ‘Battle of the Nutcrackers’ series. Vote for your favorite

  29. bisnagaboy says:

    They’ll be performing at Cal Berkeley this Holiday season! I can hardly
    wait! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!

  30. 3dancers says:

    Thank you for posting. Morris’ snow scene is the best I have ever seen (and
    I have seen one too many).

  31. MichelleLuvsNYC says:

    I also saw this when PBS showed it YEARS ago and the dance of the
    snowflakes has stuck in my head all that time. Mark Morris is wonderful.
    The Hart Nut is now available on dvd.

  32. QiheartuQ says:

    I’m seeing this TOMORROW!!!!

  33. pdumoulin6655 says:

    One of the best performance I ever saw …. incredible

  34. LLE says:

    I’ve also wondered why this work is considered to be genius. After having
    seen it three times, it occurred to me that in making the ballet accessible
    to everyone via popular imagery, it’s erased the elitist element of ballet.
    By integrating elements of so many cultures, and then so many social
    possibilities, it’s a much broader comment on people and the times. It’s
    genius by not having to appear out of reach.

  35. veramentegina says:

    i just saw it tonite.. it was hilarious.

  36. Dawn Corea says:

    I saw it this pass christmas. I was shocked. my favorite was the Snowflake
    dance where the dancers were men and women. Loved it.

  37. bisnagaboy says:

    I’m gonna see THE HARD NUT again on 12/16/07 at Cal! I can’t wait! It is

  38. Kamakiriad66 says:

    Wait wait wait, which “Cal”? I want to see it live, too! I love this

  39. Pokemonlover8 says:

    I just saw it last nite it was hilarious but also kind of weird……

  40. Neil Alexander says:

    I have to agree – I saw it last year, and when I thought about it just
    today it brought tears to my eyes. Just unbelievable.

  41. imajeepster says:

    i don’t follow dance that much and am not really big on ballet either…the
    music but not the dancing. But i saw a bit of The Hard Nut on PBS and it
    was so intriguing…i only saw the Waltz of the Flowers. I loved it…it
    was hilarious and so graceful at the same time. Beautiful. And the costumes
    were fabulous!

  42. Gari Gold Richardson says:

    The best “snow” ever. Ever!

  43. Laceysjam says:

    Absolutely fabulous. We just went to the Matthew Bourne performance of
    Nutcracker and my daughter reminded me of this other outstanding
    performance which we had seen at The Sadlers Wells. So happy to find it

  44. Victry Mueller says:

    just saw it live after growing up on the video production! LOVED it!

  45. HorrorFrogPrincess says:

    This looks astounding. What luck it’s on Netflix. *adds immediately*

  46. jcoar says:

    You’re right that most of this piece is not “genius.” Most of Mark’s work,
    however, is. This is considered his most accessable, so people talk about
    it as if they were talking about his other work. That said, his walz of the
    snowflakes is one of the most creative and joyous six minutes of dance I’ve
    ever seen. Having the snow come from the dancers adds such power and life
    that you can actually feel the snowstorm, and the final calm where it
    slowly poors from their hands is just breathtaking.

  47. DannieLu1975 says:

    This was one of the best pieces of dance i had ever seen and I really think
    Mark Morris is an astounding artist…. along with Michael Clark.

  48. airbloit says:

    unabashed brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!