25 Responses to “NUT GRASS PROBLEM? Try SEMPRA”


    What!!! it’s so expencive .! I tell You what: in Turkey it’s just 20$,
    come and buy ….

  2. Stephen Christoffel says:

    Sempra/Sedgehammer (same thing) NEEDS WETTING AGENT FOR BEST
    RESULTS.(Dish-washing liquid is both CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE!! Use @ 10 mls per
    5 litres of spray, Also you can add blue or red spray marker dye (@ 6 mls
    per litre) to show where you`re spraying to prevent over-spraying and waste

  3. Deb Mikaelsen says:

    I love all of the great tips you have! I am in need of some of these! Thank
    you so much! 

  4. Stephen Christoffel says:

    TIME!! In Australia, Sempra/Sedgehammer is available at Mitre 10 and
    Bunnings @ $62-00 for 25 grams.

  5. ahmed awni says:

    Thanks So Much,But I want to know where the manufacturer of this product.

  6. 11taylee says:

    Hello Greg I’m in south east queensland I have a couch lawn but I have a
    lot of crows feet growing threw it. Do you know of a product that will help
    me out but not distort my couch thank you

  7. MrHerbhouse says:

    Great video Greg. Would you recommend more than 1 treatment?

  8. peppersbar2 says:

    If you are in Autstralia or USA sempra can be ordered from sempraherbicide
    “dot” com

  9. lilynick1 says:

    thanks Greg! I’m just about to rescue my lawn and I appreciate your helpful
    tips 🙂

  10. Elmira Ibraguimova says:

    Omgatable! The dog! 😀 Man, can I touch it? 🙂 Great video, kitten 😀

  11. JadeM78 says:

    This is really great! I was unsure as to whether the whole lawn could be
    sprayed but this answered my question. Reassured too that I can rid my lawn
    of this evil weed which is popping up freakin everywhere.

  12. Tavo157 says:

    This guy is awesome!

  13. ryzer349 says:

    Another reason to not mow before applying is because you want as much nut
    grass blade exposure as possible. More leaf surface equals more poison
    absorbed. Is Sempra another name for SedgeHammer?

  14. Lud Wig says:

    Can i use that to prep my Vegtable garden?

  15. Currently Disconnected says:

    Top tips my garden has crab grass i dont dont where it got it from anything
    similar i can use to get it sorted?

  16. dustyrustee says:

    is there anything else that we can use to encourage our nut grass to grow?
    $50 for that small bottle of food is a bit dear…..maybe spreadin some
    chicken poop around might be a cheaper, better way to go?

  17. gregthegardener says:

    it will only kill the nut grass in your lawn

  18. KustomKulture1107187 says:

    I’ve heard its also great for controlling the winter weeds.

  19. karmagirl74 says:

    Well I just learnt something today .. and not just that you need a new hat!
    😀 Great vid G 🙂

  20. miles2057 says:

    Greg the gardener ooooooohhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Wallabytrack says:

    Good Video Greg!

  22. Tarhini says:

    i hate grass on my nuts, thanks greg!

  23. Greg's Kitchen says:

    This stuff really works, it only kills the nut grass ( Cyperus rotundus )
    it won’t harm the lawn. Give it a few weeks and you won’t see any of it

  24. karly624 says:

    Will sempra harm palms if used to kill surrounding nut grass?

  25. seantheman121 says:

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