12 Responses to “Central World and Siam Theatre on Fire”

  1. Itir Akaltun says:

    so much for a ‘peaceful protest’ fuck reds.

  2. MrOtop says:

    This is not the war between rich and poor. It is the war between Righteous
    and Evil led by Thak Sin and his terrorist gang, who unemployed, brainless,
    lazy. Thak sin and his gang just want to rule this country without moral,
    ethic and ect. in order to benefit his wealth. This is a true strory.

  3. spinn8888 says:


  4. Quoicat says:

    Thaksin wants to be the president of Thailand in the future! Abhisit wants
    to maintain the rich and well educated people on the top of Thailand. The
    king of Thailand wants to maintain the power of royal family! All the
    people were used!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lostinjp says:

    The Police should have stopped this weeks ago…can you imagine a group of
    political protesters being allowed to take over the centre of London? The
    authorities knew this was coming and could have nipped it in the bud. Lack
    of political will has a heavy cost, in terms of both lives and material
    damage. It is lamentable, and really does highlight that Thailand is in
    desperate need of change.

  6. SeaSpica says:

    First we were embarrassed then sad but we stay sane and will get through! I
    ♥ my country.

  7. Quoicat says:

    What about the Yellow shirt army? Yellow shirt army broke the rules of the
    game first in election! Yellow shirt army destoryed the Thail’ democracy.
    Why Yellow shirt army could get whatever they wanted, and Why Red shirt
    army could not fight for their rights! This is the war between rich, well
    educated people and grass root farmers. This is the war between Thaksin,
    Abhisit and King of Thailand.

  8. OptikNerv1138 says:

    Red’s should be ashamed of themselves. This proves they have no business
    having any political power. They obviously do not care about their country.

  9. oriental966 says:

    It was my favorite place in Bangkok. It will not be the same again.

  10. MrMiggyx2 says:

    Sad.. just sad!

  11. sornnarong says:

    God bless the Red People

  12. Andy Teyu says:

    i had good memories shopping in this area..