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London and her streets always amuse me.

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In this video i talk about the stolen Motorbikes / Scooters i have found.
Bike 2004 Honda Hornet Cb919
Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Black. 1080P Mode. 30fps..
Editing: FCPX on Mac. 890MB total Video file size..


Royalty Free Music from Marker Studios. no (C) required.
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London Motorbike Encounters 47 – Hello and a Shark!

Title: London Motorbike Encounters 47 – Hello and a Shark!

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Added on: March 1st, 2015

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48 Responses to “London Motorbike Encounters 47 – Hello and a Shark!”

  1. Thunderous71 says:

    TopGear is going to be shit so you might as well watch this ;)

  2. TheCrazymook says:

    A Range Rover for an unmarked car? Now we know where their budget goes! 😉

    Bluetooth headsets: check
    A device to feed us chocolate as we ride? … Might just be a million pound
    idea =P

  3. Pauly V says:

    Never would have suspected the car at the beginning to be an unmarked cop
    car. I guess that’s how they catch people out though.
    Speaking of cops, that dozy c*€t didn’t even look before pulling up in
    front of you did they? Shocking to be honest.

    There must be a handbook or a set of rules you have to go by when driving a
    white van, 99% of the drivers are the same!

    Good video mate, I enjoyed it :)

  4. supraking85 says:

    rofl, top gears always great. how dare you :p
    great vid though thunder, stupid cop should have known better

  5. HamSpamJamLamb says:

    1:46 I wonder what happened next… 😉 And you look totally different than
    what I expected!

  6. Jack Wass says:

    No wonder you have a kid mate, no homo.

  7. InTheNameOfJustice says:

    If you served the kind of stuff in your bloody petrol station that
    motorists and bikers actually need, you would NOT have to try and flog your
    shitty snacks. Be a garage NOT a bloody supermarket!
    OK rant over.
    Move along.
    Nothing more to see here.
    I said, piss off.

    Right, you are nicked, sunshine!

  8. iride london says:

    +Thunderous71 got a white van in my next D.O ! that hello was funny

  9. Captain Rambunctious says:

    Excellent! 🙂 Brilliant Video! 🙂

    Loved the shark at the end!

  10. The Gentleman Biker says:

    It’s a strange thing isn’t it where a driver can’t see if it’s clear
    because of a bus or something, so decides to just go for it.

  11. Jack Jones says:

    Bridal to video mate and we got to see your face 🙂 atleast your not a stig
    vlogger lol. Ride safe 

  12. metalhead18241 says:

    That was pretty bad for the police car, I thought police drivers were
    supposed to be the best of the best, obviously not…

  13. The Chronicles Of Mr Fish says:

    The usual London knobs out …nice vid

  14. MazGeordieVlogger says:

    Another great vid hun x

  15. Andy Pandy Motovlogs says:

    Great job on surviving those roads with those idiot drivers, even police
    seem to be in on the act!! Stay safe out there Mate!!

  16. MR G says:

    1:52 Face reveal…

  17. damien de paauw says:

    1:59 since when do you show your face?

  18. SpinyBiker says:

    I sometimes wish my mind still functioned like a kids, I still act like one

  19. Jonny Sleet says:

    does no-one give way to the right anymore

  20. mark stocks says:

    Should have got the mini eggs

  21. ChristiansModernLife says:


  22. MyRandomLife247 says:

    Ah the joys of owning a motorbike surrounded by idiots as well as having
    adorable kids. RSm8.

  23. sandmac67 says:
  24. RanBo88 says:

    Idk why. But the ending outro music sounds like a dub step remix twist of
    when the moon is falling in the Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask lol. I like
    it though.

  25. Mason Boyle says:

    +Ariderslife bro rob them all and sell them for scrap metal

  26. Cody says:

    why would somebody steal a motorbike, and then leave it in an open place
    like that? doesn’t make any sense to me…

  27. Robus1022 says:

    people also get arrested and have to leave their bikes places. or get
    arrested elsewhere, or habitually park in the same spot every day at work..

  28. Torben Munkler says:

    Stealing someones vehicle as in a car or motorcycle pisses me off.They
    think oh they have insurance.B.S. not everyone has comprehensive that
    covers theft.Also you never get back what you paid so you have to get
    something less than what you have most of the time.If you have a bicycle
    you lose 100% if it’s stolen.I have no mercy for car,motorcycle,bicycle
    thieves.If enough of them get there ass kicked or worse maybe they will get
    scared to mess with someone else’s stuff.Lowlife Bastards!!!!

  29. Dan Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele says:

    did you sell the 919 pete?

  30. FILTH Riding says:

    hahaah the intro is priceless

  31. Jyse Hooper says:

    Let me run across a bike that’s been setting its like magic poof its gone

  32. Zachary Smith says:

    Someone stole mine yesterday so pissed.

  33. CR80442 says:

    I see heaps of abandoned bike and roadbikes in Melbourne CBD that have
    parts taken of and stuff

  34. King Voorhees says:

    That scooter was kept in good condition and was obviously moved on every
    video. It’s most likely someone’s work bike.

  35. Jarrod Hallett says:

    If that’s southern cross I know the scooter I use to see it there 

  36. 1Gsxrider says:

    i had a motorbike once

  37. Cei Thomas says:

    wont get much for scrap bikes. strip them and sell the parts 😉 haha

  38. droid says:

    Didn’t ride for 2 weeks? uh…

    There is a scooter dood that apparently works or whatever near me and I see
    his scooter almost every day. Except the days he doesn’t work… meh

  39. Bogdan Ovidiu says:

    why you consider a motocicle parked in the same spot for days or even
    parked in a parking building?(buildings where u park)
    why u consider them stolen? maybe they are broken and not worth restoring
    or keeping in storage unit so they left them there
    or like one commenter said it can belong to a guy that works near that
    place and parks in the same spot all the time

  40. VLgoldrush says:

    such a pointless video bro.

  41. CodedCOD says:

    That was near southern cross station yeh? I’ve seen it

  42. pyramyde1 says:

    In Belgium for 3 years next to the fire station and belgium’s 3rd biggest
    hospital was lying this old 90’s Renault Espace with moss and leaves
    growing over the tires and windows etc, everyday when I walked past it from
    school it would stay there and everytime no one would move it until last
    year cops arrived and took notes of the car and then removed it lol

  43. timwitt94 says:

    the scooter is obviously being used by someone in the area because it
    doesn’t stay in one spot in all of the videos. I would say someone who
    either works or lives there owns that scooter. 

  44. Greg Shuffield says:

    You look suspicious stopping to look at them

  45. minnsminns says:

    If you found all these bikes and supposedly “knew” they were stolen, why
    the HELL aren’t you calling the police.
    If that was your stolen bike and someone else was suspicious it was stolen,
    wouldn’t you want them to call the police about it? They can check if that
    bike is reported stolen in 2 minutes and if it is they can return it either
    to the owner or the insurance company, reuniting owners with bikes and
    lowering insurance premiums for the rest of us.

  46. Discodropped says:

    did that scooter ever get stolen or maybe it was a Police Bait-bike to try
    and catch a thief 

  47. NASTY says:

    you looking out for bikes to steal is what it looked like your doing…?

  48. Jordan d'azzena says:

    What bike is the one that is 30hp that red looking thing