25 Responses to “Solar Taxi Travels the World”

  1. Adam Soze says:

    Put it that way, better batteries and better solar panels on the roof of a
    Nissan Leaf. No even need to charge it at home or somewhere else. 

  2. phennig1977 says:

    Solar Taxi Travels the World #Wahrheit #Solarhybridcar 

  3. M Casado says:
  4. TheSolarmike says:

    This guy deserves a medal . His battery is a ” zebra” batttery which is a
    high temp zinc sulfur nickel chemistry that is around 200 watt hours per kg
    of energy density that is even more than lifepo of any lithium

  5. wewillrock89 says:

    its sol ARE car

  6. Milos Krstic says:


  7. Giraff92 says:

    He’s a friend of my father! I know him!!!

  8. Perma ville says:

    probably not as much as you’re paying for your car

  9. yakuwo says:

    more electric than solar me thinks

  10. MrAlegria1994 says:

    i like all of the dangerously exposed wires

  11. werwiewas92 says:

    my teacher have recording this film…its true!

  12. ThePurist007 says:

    This should not be regarded as a novelty – the technology existed back in
    the 80s to do this effectively, if not before. It’s like a cure for cancer
    – something they will never allow the masses to have, because it reduces
    their ability to control. And, btw, I hope I’m wrong about that.

  13. lucas ambrose says:

    so this doesnt need gasoline at all

  14. Kyle Simons says:

    sol r lol

  15. neoartifact says:

    Sole Are

  16. kambingbetula says:

    it really dangerous interview beside that road..

  17. jbrun009 says:

    @tobyrules0 Thats more expensive than gas! At least its renewable

  18. Tobi1087Tobi says:

    Wow – have to say that it looks like is not the most advanced technology
    available today – so there is possibility to create something with better
    performance I think !!! Nice car anyway !

  19. svesolar says:

    wow that is amazing, what a great idea using a tailer to hold solar panels.
    it possible to make a solar vehicle practical this way.

  20. Joseph D says:

    HEH…drive it through tramp-a-bay (formerly tampa bay FL)…

  21. Wil Chan says:

    President Obama would love to get this guy killed..

  22. Odziz says:

    Can’t wait until the Solar Taxi arrives in the UK.

  23. hillberg100 says:

    What a P.O.S.

  24. Greg Kowal says:

    I can imagine city buses could have a great use of solar power, they got
    huge roofs big enough to place a lot of solar cells.

  25. ajbauto says:

    @JohnBanzon except your car doesn’t take shits on the road, and it
    problyweighs less than a horse.