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Tourists beware of doctored and erratic metered taxi in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Unprecedented video on Youtube presenting th process. My first hand experience of the Saigon Taxi scam on 1st December 2013 from District 1 to Tan Son Nhat airport. Read more on Send me some Bitcoin at: 1BDbdmkkPXzjjQoAVLZK5MmW95QpaMLHZW

Taxi Anger | Today Perth News

The taxi industry is calling for tougher penalties after a man who brutally bashed a taxi driver walked free. Magdy Sawiros was repeatedly punched in the face, after asking for a fare deposit in October last year. The 55-year-old suffered severe bruising to his face and eye socket and has spoken of his terror.
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Vlog #4 – First Hand Experience of Saigon Taxi Scam!

Title: Vlog #4 – First Hand Experience of Saigon Taxi Scam!

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12 Responses to “Vlog #4 – First Hand Experience of Saigon Taxi Scam!”

  1. Matt Sempé says:

    That’s a fake Mai Linh taxi. The real ones are never old Kia’s like that
    one, at least in 2014. Real ones will have some sort of green paint on
    them and are usually Toyota Corollas or some kind of van. Always look for
    the green paint though, most of the fakes just put a sticker on the side
    and something on the roof.

  2. James Curry says:

    Just dont goto fucking vietnam they are anti foreigner and just nasty and
    rude people in general.

  3. Bluntcookie says:

    This is what i hate about vietnam. Even locals get scammed so tourists like
    us are walking ATMs to them! A local told me that there are even fakes of
    VinaSun. The logo will look the same, but the telephone number will be
    slightly different.
    Maybe if the driver knew you were filming the meter he wouldn’t have been
    so greedy! If the taxi driver was honest and stuck to the meter then people
    might be more likely to give tips, but this driver is too greedy and i hope
    karma will get him one day.

  4. Sou t says:

    3:03 You shouldn’t have let him know that you knew he was scamming you (He
    could have gotten nervous and driven you somewhere and killed you.).
    instead, wait till you get to the airport and flag down a taxi staff. get
    the staff to call the police and say you have video footage of the meter
    being inflated.

  5. Api2005 says:

    Thx for posting. Definitely a scam. 

  6. Hung Le says:

    A trip from Dong Nguyen Restaurant (Nguyen Trai Street – Cho Lon) back to
    our hotel on Dong Khoi Street, Ho Chi Minh city by Saigon Tourist Taxi cost
    500.000 piasters ($25). Same trip by Vinasun Taxi cost 95.000 piaster
    ($4.7). Lesson to learn, stay away from Saigon Tourist Taxi.

  7. Alex Santiago says:

    Just recently got scammed by a taxi in Vietnam… My advice is to
    definitely go with the more popular taxi companies, mine was just a car
    with a meter.. After some reading online, they usually wait outside tourist
    spots for their prey. Its better to hail one from the Street.. My trip was
    very short and took less than 10 mins.. And the cab driver was demanding
    VND 555060 Dong.. Which was almost $30… Man, you wouldn’t even pay that
    much where I’m from in Australia.. Certainly a lesson learned and something
    to look out for if I ever return to Vietnam..

  8. Vinh Huynh says:

    Don’t go with “unknown” taxi company. Like the post, go with VinaSUN or Mai
    Ling. I have never had any issue very time I go back to VN.

  9. jimmy smith says:
  10. Hymerej C says:

    that sucks, all you can do is research what companies are reliable in
    different countries. mai linh and vinasun were fine for me. 

  11. DUKE says:

    Being drunk is no excuse.