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100 motorcycle and scooter crashes. No one died in this video. Only few of them are badly injuired.

This is a compilation of my “10 crashes in one minute” videos. All the videos are listed in this playlist:

From there you can find the links to the original videos.
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100 Motorcycle Crashes – Driving in Asia

Title: 100 Motorcycle Crashes – Driving in Asia

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Added on: March 2nd, 2015

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24 Responses to “100 Motorcycle Crashes – Driving in Asia”

  1. sh940047yl says:

    一群白痴自以為技術好 技術不好就不要上路 少在那邊造事 害人害己 沒事無聊騎到70 80 是要耍帥喔 開個BMW都比你帥 浪費國家資源

  2. 陳柏廷 says:


  3. Caped Crusader says:

    1:05 sounds hilarious XD 

  4. keiannschyler says:

    stupid, dumb chinese

  5. Dongy Sakura says:

    those aren’t even real motorcycles, more like pathetic scooters

  6. Chihjen Kao says:

    epic fail! lol

  7. allrequiredfields says:

    Seriously, kill the fucking retarded music. I don’t care if it’s your
    friends’ band. 

  8. Analie Pabroquiz says:

    Motorcycle Safety is key, have your own Bohn Armor System now!

  9. The Tito TV Show says:

    0:06 is a place in Taipei City…I’ve been living in Taiwan for 5 years
    already and I know how dangerous it is to drive here. I’m lucky to have
    never had an accident, but I’ve been very close!

  10. Andrew Cho says:

    I thought about renting a scooter when I travel to Taiwan but now I think
    Im going to reconsider

  11. TheLastKelvin Kasher says:

    I’m Chinese and my awareness skills are so much better omg

  12. MrNightpwner says:

    Scooter should require some kind of endorsement. Their not motorcycles but
    these accidents seem very avoidable, and pathetic. 

  13. InkRedible DashCam UK says:

    3:33 That clip was thoroughly entertaining.. 

  14. Autorijschool Suc6-4U says:

    Daarom ben ik toch blij dat wij in Nederland meer verkeersregels hebben. ☺
    #maassluis #rijles #vlaardingen #rijschool 

  15. jane armstrong says:

    Are these idiots related to the ruskies???

  16. Sullivan Kelvin says:

    So proud to be a Taiwanese biker

  17. Simon Cox says:

    The lack of awareness is astounding. It’s just common sense to look before
    pulling out or crossing a road, This is drlled into us from a young age.
    Obviously not the same in Asia.

  18. andrew barrington says:

    does any1 look were they r goin lol,, tit heads,,

  19. Henry Huynh says:

    Why u racist?if this is racist.SOMEONE CORRECT ME

  20. zakaryphotographer says:

    Notice that no one try to move or help the victime. This is TAIWAN
    everyday. I have seen few accidents in Taiwan, people just watch. Many of
    my Taiwanese got a scooter accident & usually stopped ridding scooters.
    Some of them lost a friend in scooter or car accident. Much more than in my
    country FRANCE. And you can your Scooter license in TW in few hours for 10

  21. BaoSik says:

    looks like it hurts

  22. Mortuary Equipment Dude says:

    2:14, every time I see that I feel bad for the little ding dong.

  23. 太陽ダビデ says:

    Some of these look pretty bad, Some of these people perished? 

  24. chase koelsch says: