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Car rams motorbike because he filtered

Title: Car rams motorbike because he filtered

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Added on: March 2nd, 2015

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25 Responses to “Car rams motorbike because he filtered”

  1. Sambo Obmas says:

    fucking indian cunt get the fuck out of the FJ and get back on your boat,
    curries shouldn’t be allowed to drive here anyway

  2. emylism says:

    Ive been rammed side by side at 50km/h luckily didn’t come off. chased him
    down and muscled 600 cash out compensation out of him to stop us from
    spilling his blood. i don’t know what it is about Brisbane but lane
    splitting causes drivers to do stupid things. its not the riders fault but
    some fucked up psychology of the drivers. if it happens again i hope you
    remember your wearing a helmet designed for a high speed crash standing up
    for yourselves and getting in a fight isn’t really going to hurt that much
    even if you do manage to loose. you can’t let these fuckers go un

  3. businessnik says:

    Lane splitting pisses everyone off, but these guys really didn’t affect the
    car behind at all. They weren’t jacking around 15mph traffic trying to get
    around everyone. The ‘FJ’ stands for Fucking Jackass, needs to push people
    around in a toyota truck cause he won’t get out of the car and do it

  4. tonythatjesusloves says:

    i love lane splitting i have a really loud exhaust and pull through the
    traffic making every ones ears bleed

  5. TheFirearmEnthusiast says:

    I don’t ride or even have my riders licence and I don’t have an issue with
    lane splitting. It’s a great idea, I don’t know why everyones getting so
    butthurt about it.

  6. Lunatic29hd says:

    i didnt see him push you with his car. but i heard you calling him names
    and then make threats that you wanted to punch his fuckin head,then saw you
    hit his mirror. i think you should hand in your video to the police so they
    can arrest you. 

  7. Patroklos Alexander says:

    In all honesty, in general, people driving cars, on bikes, motorcycles, and
    even pedestrians are all fucking inconsiderate. It should be like in
    Mexico, if a bike rams into your car for whatever reason, make him pay up,
    or pay it yourself. If a pedestrian is run over, then he should’ve checked
    twice before crossing, if a car crashes into another person pay that
    person,etc. and they should start assigning responsibility to the person
    who caused the accident and not to the person driving a specific type of
    vehicle. Because honestly with all these laws protecting cars,
    motorcyclists, pedestrians, etc. It gets too messy when trying to figure
    out who’s fault it is. Hell the USA is still one of the few countries that
    make people stop for a school fucking bus. Teach your children how to cross
    a street and maybe you won’t need to stop traffic on a highway, making
    things more dangerous. People should be responsible for their actions. 

  8. Peter Griffin says:

    woulda broke his wing mirror if I were u

  9. Eli Reid says:

    Never argue with an idiot because they’ll bring you down to their level and
    beat you with experience. In this case it’s pretty hard to identify the

  10. billybassman21 says:

    I wish I had a “douche bag gun”. Not a gun that kills people, but one
    that’s like punch to the face when you pull the trigger. When people like
    that start talking shit just pull it out, pull the trigger and knock them
    silly. It would make life so much easier.

  11. Vance Meeks says:

    Wow, I would have beat his ASSSS!

  12. Robert Rummy says:

    Dousche bag bikers. Go back to purse snatching you twits

  13. Daniel7133 says:

    LMFAO, the ending… take this little nudge to your mirror MUAHHAHAHA!

  14. Mike Breen says:

    I’ve seen a few videos of this type now, and it all comes down to the same
    thing – Car drivers who feel that they have had their place in the traffic
    violated by somebody getting in front, as if the rider had jumped a line in
    the supermarket. I have seen the same outrage and indignation extended to a
    rider who simply, and legitimately over took a car.

    Driver chased him down in fury!

    It’s truly pathetic, particularly when you consider that the guy on the
    bike is reducing the congestion that is clearly the source of the drivers
    frustration in the first place. I think some of these drivers could do with
    a little therapy in London traffic, where it would definitely be kill or

  15. Jon Biddell says:

    Another fucktard on a bike.

  16. Jay Weed says:

    This is why motorcyclists gets killed, they think they run the roads cuz
    they can go fast? Thats inconsiderate, if that BS ain’t illegal it should
    be and id just go and cut them right off at the next light. His excuse for
    doing that was i can accelerate faster, you’d don’t need to accelerate like
    that when people run yellows all the time, good luck with future trips

  17. Bio Power says:

    Fucking pussy in the car, should have given the bike a proper push.

  18. Brain Rush says:

    filtering justifies killing cyclists…you got off lucky

  19. TheShiznyt says:

    I drive a classic datsun 510 and i love motorcycles even tho i have never
    been on one bcuz my family is terrified of bikes but i always give them
    extra room to lane split!;) bike owner in the future! Maybe?!

  20. Pronelly15 says:

    What I love is how the driver thought the biker shouldn’t go there cus the
    driver would run him over. Yeah right did in ur dreams. You think you can
    accelerate faster then bike in a freaking jeep. Go learn you ignorant

  21. JonDavid Sandez says:

    Should have smacked his mirror off.

  22. Bradley Galloway says:

    I don’t know a think about the UK, but this guy is an idiot, and I doubt
    that was legal. Here in the states, I’m concerned about your driving
    because if I hit you, I’m responsible :|

  23. Salpeteroxid says:

    Next time, kick his door and leave a dent so he remembers not to hit people
    with his car.

  24. Chandler Tracy says:

    did anyone else catch “why do you care? i saw you do it on your bike” that
    made me nearly piss

  25. I R Tenjo says:

    Should of reached in for his car keys, and pegged them across the road!