25 Responses to “Full taxi compilation: South African taxi’s”

  1. Jay Smuts says:

    The worst are those passing in the wrong lane through Randpark Ridge.

  2. Jay Smuts says:

    Welcome to my world. I know all these routes. Take them everyday. Had an
    incident yesterday where a taxi just decided to stop for 5 minutes on
    Malibongwe right before the Hans Schoeman turn… Makes me mad.

  3. まつもとマイケル says:

    well unfortunately the traffic police are nowhere to be seen…probably
    illegally parking somewhere to get a coffee …(shit you not i have a photo
    of this from cape town) and we may not take law into our own hands…dicey
    cause we know taxi drivers arm themselves…our more than useless ANC
    government does nothing to help the situation…but i will say that i was
    shocked when i visited Port Elizabeth though the taxi drivers drive better
    than the cars there. 

  4. Thando Manzi says:

    South Africans don’t know shit. I’ve been in and out Brazil the past year
    and this is nothing. This is our taxi culture. majority of Black South
    Africans depend on these people whom you insult…They pick us up from
    point A to B and we are cool with that. All I see is racist people…

  5. illusion of freedom says:

    this sucks, and i don’t mean the taxi drivers , it’s just a stupid video .

  6. Kevvy Dawg says:

    I had to comment here, I used to do part of that route and I feel your pain
    dude, I have since moved to Cape Town, and well it’s a little bit better
    with regard to driver courtesy.. I have had many close encounters, many
    dangerous one, the day will come when you find a taxi with just the driver
    – like I did, I don’t condone violence, but these taxi drivers are actually
    committing serious crimes every time they nearly run me/you over crossing a
    ped-crossing OUTSIDE A F*CKING HOSPITAL.. Also, why the f*ck do the
    customers stand in stupid places flagging the taxi drivers – stupid is as
    stupid does.. All-in-all, the cape taxi driver is slightly better at
    sharing the road then your typical cANCer poster boys..

  7. slombard69 says:

    That is why i like to hear in the news taxi burned out or a huge accident
    of a taxi driver dead idiots

  8. Albert Swart says:

    Extremely boring… Where the brutal crashes I waited so long for?

  9. Pit Bull says:

    Full taxi compilation

  10. Adiel Stadhouder says:

    Damn you made one utterly useless video. Next time try filming the busses
    or young drivers of highly expensive cars. they just as bad as the taxis. 

  11. Andre de Villiers says:

    I don’t normally comment on Youtube, but feel I have to add my opinion
    about taxis since I saw this video. Taxi drivers drive as if they own the
    road. It’s like they all go to the same driving school for lessons. They
    don’t care about their own lives, neither about their passengers and other
    road users. They have their own rules and drive just like they want to.
    They always speed, always push in, stop anywhere, flash lights if you are
    going too slow, pass on the left (yellow line), use lefthand lanes as a
    means to go straight, use righthand lanes as a means to turn left, skip
    stop streets and red robots etc. Somehow there is never a traffic cop
    nearby when they pull their stunts. If an accident is reported on the
    radio, you can be sure that a taxi is involved. Taxis must make accidents
    with other taxis and not with innocent people. How I wish for a taxi-free

  12. Ruan Knoetze says:

    this is why i never get a lift in a fucking taxi bus look at the turds me
    and my father just ram them of the road if they cut in front of us or cuts
    us off well only works if your dad drives a 18 wheeler peter built T800
    with a stainless steel bullhorn bull bar hooo does he mash them like flies
    or maby its just a dream i always have lol

  13. Michelle Smit says:

    Yes Finally a video compilation that I can show my UK friends how the
    taxi’s are here!

  14. Pieter Andries says:

    Nice video!

  15. Mrcloc says:

    At a tollgate once a taxi tried to cut past the long queues. Everyone
    worked together to block the taxi and piss him off. In the end he got stuck
    and couldn’t go anywhere because cars far behind in the queue continued to
    block him. It was awesome.

  16. Allison Fowles says:

    so worried about loosing out that they just dont give a f!#@ about their
    passengers and other road users. blady idiots should be off the dam

  17. Matthew Abbott says:

    is that your stress? really?! Try driving in Bangkok, or come to cambodia
    and drive here. No one abides by the rules! Im a South African and know how
    taxi’s can irritate you, but go travel around abit, and then you will
    realise its not as bad as you think. South African drivers are way to
    serious. Lighten up.

  18. Adrian Tregoning says:

    Boring, don’t bother watching

  19. Dave Sherwood says:

    We all know what an annoyance the taxi drivers are, the cops are sh1t
    scared of them so it just carries on. But one must also understand that the
    vast majority of South Africans can’t afford a car, so the demand on Taxis
    is very high, as long as this is the case we will never rid the planet of
    the taxi scourge.

  20. Johan de Bruin says:

    Dude I think you need to be a police man and stop then, 

  21. Andrea Pulella says:

    I agree there are a huge problem and getting worse than terrorists daily,
    problem usless/ no cops on our roads, what makes it worse is when other
    road users’ allow them to do what they want instead of standing up to them.
    Also unless you live in this country and have experienced this aggression
    and agree with them rather piss off

  22. hannah50353 says:

    I think I just got hypertension

  23. Charl Joubert says:

    LOL, you take all the same routes I do! I see the exact same shit on my
    commute to and from work.

  24. kamizak2 says:

    So what’s the solution?

  25. alltimeplumbers says:

    good video… i shouldnt imagine it took you too long to get all that
    footage…. I truly dont know whats more of a curse in this country….
    Aids or Taxi’s ?
    Enough to make you sick.