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Last year, Creative Review visited Mumbai where we fell in love with the citys wonderfully decorated taxis.

For our April issue, we asked Grandmother India to help us create our own CR taxi with the help of the local artists who are interviewed here about their work
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The video is about a news bulletin in which a police assault and brutality incident is shown. The victim is a 27 year Mozambican taxi driver. The taxi driver later died in the police cell that he was held. The incident took place in Daveyton, East Rand. Please subscribe to my channel to get more weirdd eventz such as this one in the new future! You can also send me clips of actual events that occur in your neighbourhood so that I can share with the rest of Africa:
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Mumbai Taxis: an urban art form

Title: Mumbai Taxis: an urban art form

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Added on: March 2nd, 2015

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29 Responses to “Mumbai Taxis: an urban art form”

  1. AllStuffChannel3160 says:

    Many Things are Colorless. Give it a Chance to make Colorful. Wonderful

  2. thereisasign says:

    The fuel of customization –> added to my Custom TV Channel

  3. Lost & Found Travel says:

    Fantastic. I’ve heard about the shops but never seen one. Thanks.

  4. cellular44 says:

    awesome handcraft!!!

  5. Werner Roets says:

    Don’t you just love how the crowd stands by and enjoys. Barbarian
    criminals, barbarian police, barbarian bystanders. I wonder where this is?

  6. daniel williams says:

    hahahaha south african cops are such a joke. ok not all of them but the
    majority are

  7. Weirdd Eventz says:
  8. Daniel Reschke says:

    Seems like American Police are getting like this. Especially from the south
    & Texas.

  9. Weirdd Eventz says:
  10. Alexander Tellinger says:

    Thats why I hate those people..

  11. BillaBongz Msomi says:

    Did he just say the police are investigating? Doesn’t that seem a lil bit
    one sided?

  12. Avos Khosh says:


  13. tvalberts says:

    These fuckn monkeys who call themselves police officers should be given the
    death penalty. I bet that they didn’t even pass grade 10. Unfortunately,
    the country is too corrupt to convict these monkeys. The previous head of
    police in South-Africa was regarded as one of the most corrupt and
    fraudulent person ever. Since 1994 South-Africa has been going down the

  14. kingoftrolls yeah says:

    I thought whites get shit for doing this sort of thing to blacks about 200
    years ago little did we know blacks are doing it to each other today! Bit
    like the slave trade really, whites getting the blame but it could never
    had happened if it wasn’t for blacks kidnapping other blacks and selling
    them as slaves! Niggers then, niggers now!

  15. Antoinette Jordaan says:

    I don’t get this. NOTHING that this guy “did” could’ve justified this.
    NOTHING. This is reminiscent of being drawn and quartered in earlier
    centuries. Our police is supposed to uphold the law, NOT be a law unto
    themselves. They should not just be suspended, they should be on trial for
    PREMEDITATED murder.

  16. Murray Louw says:

    I feel sick! There’s no difference between this SAP & the Apartheid SAP. No
    respect for life or the law! I feel sick & sad! When will we stop voting
    for the ANC, they’re not doing anything about injustice, because they are
    lead by corrupt & immoral leaders themselves!

  17. Gil Manjate says:

    shocked and scared! I classify SA police as dangerous from now on…
    Authenticate the video?

  18. Manusia Biasa says:


  19. Robert Jali says:

    i dont know wts hapenin with our police…These ppl should arrested and the
    key thrown away…police are killing us.and they are good liers…Its not
    all of them,but the picture they painting about them is not good to us as
    south africans and for the world!!!!…Pls My President,do something..Pls
    be like De Klerk..PLSSSSSS…

  20. Filipe Dias says:

    Black mentality….

  21. simon nyoni says:

    This is bullshit . Sounds like they wont do shit in my opinion.

  22. lehlongwane says:

    *mournful singing* senzeni na senzeni na? In the past we came to expect
    such treatment from authorities ngoba besiphethwe ngabamhlophe. Manje ke
    what’s the excuse?

  23. lammikins says:

    I don’t get it. What’s there to authenticate? It’s right there in front of
    you to see.

  24. Hanad hashimi says:

    South africa does not care the rights of african foreigners in its country
    ..many are killed ,burned, tortured til to death , now we see the man was
    clearly killed and the gov doesnt want to judge these corps

  25. Darryl Parkinson says:

    there is fuckall to authenticate here – these so called law enforces broke
    the law and murdered someone, they should pay for it. I fear for the future
    of this one beautiful country. Thugs and gangsters run the show it appears.

  26. David Jacobs says:

    f’d up. 🙁

  27. Maria Nhleko says:

    Why do you “still need to speak to the person who took the footage” ? A man
    has been killed at the hands of the very same people who are supposed to
    protect us. South Africa is such a rotten rotten rotten country – disgust
    is not even the right word to use to describe how despicable these
    “police”are. These guys should not be given the title of police. I am am
    soooooo mad – someone should give them a taste of their own medicine!!

  28. BigMTBrain says:

    Imagine being drug for THREE FOOTBALL FIELDS on rough pavement. But, no, he
    did not die from injuries due to the dragging; he died from trauma to the
    head, certainly caused by a severe beating he received while in jail. If I
    were the person who shot the footage on my cellphone, I would NOT come
    forward… that police force is so corrupt, surely that person would
    eventually wind up missing or dead.

  29. Silverline Productions says:

    I searched for “niggers getting dragged” and I came across this little gem!