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Hole in the Wall – (Kinect With Girlfriend)

Title: Hole in the Wall – (Kinect With Girlfriend)

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Category: Hotels

Added on: March 5th, 2015

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25 Responses to “Hole in the Wall – (Kinect With Girlfriend)”

  1. Lily Dong says:

    Who is watching this in 2014!

  2. LyricalMajesty says:

    Why do YouTubers assume that people don’t possess enough basic
    comprehension skills to understand that the big red subscribe button lets
    you subscribe to a channel? Everyone puts a subscribe link in their
    description and no one uses it.

  3. ACCF Club penguin says:

    hey guys
    i really need subs
    plz help me, and i make more vids

  4. BallPunch360 says:

    I remember watching this when it was first uploaded.

  5. Pika Plays says:

    Ey Pewds, here’s a list of thing I usually have on May nightstand:

    1. A tiny snow globe
    2. Candy
    3. Gum
    4. Bandaids
    5. An Xbox controller and a TV remote
    6. Water
    7. A Sonic Screwdriver (from Doctor Who)
    8. A spoon
    9. Like, 5 pics of You
    (Forget that last one)

  6. KateHCreative says:

    Like if u watching in 2015

  7. DEADLORD MOB says:

    Ummmm pew… you lost final wave because you standed in front of wall but
    there were only one hole

  8. xMadDOGbudderx 105 says:

    Like this comment if u watched the whole vid

  9. KilledxDx says:

    This was uploaded from my BITRHDAY too bad no one gives a fuck

  10. KC Gaming says:

    like if your watching in 2015

  11. Eevee AJ says:

    Reply if you’re watching in 2015

  12. Elyssa Casison says:

    U guys should kis

  13. kiegan vs games says:

    Pewds I got a great logo for you if your reading this make a bro fist
    inside a illuminati triangle instead of an eye
    If you like this idea copy it and send it to pewds or spam I’m not because
    I don’t spam or just post once

  14. Tenabrus17 says:

    terrible speakers at full blast can’t hear a thing, plug 200$ headphones
    in, forget to lower the 100% maxed out volume

    start video

    Ears explode T_T

  15. Hakan Karakayaci says:

    İ dont understand marzia she speak not so good but ok 

  16. Skanet says:

    Watching this in 2015 feels so nostalgic. Oh man, the feels..

  17. madison houser says:

    +ACCF Club penguin I sub to u +PewDiePie I subed to u 2

  18. Sarah Boo says:

    Marzia kept saying it was pewdiepies fault but it was actually hers…..

  19. The Matrix Man says:

    Like if you’re watching in 2015!

  20. Bianca Hazboun says:

    nooo felix ur in the way so thats why she got it wrong :(

  21. Emily Hutcheson says:


  22. Shawna-Della Maudlin says:

    Ahahahaha I thought this was like a glory hole game!!!!!! Shows you my mind

  23. Ali Brown says:

    2016 from the future ooh

  24. Ellie Olech says:

    It’s pewdiepie that kept loosing the rounds. Y did he blame it on Marzia?

  25. Susan Allen says:

    hows it going bros my name is pewdiepie and cutie pie