17 Responses to “MBK”

  1. Cedric Roux says:

    I agree Thailand is a great place. I was born here amd im 14. I love this
    place and i love MBK i often go there to buy video games. Usually Bangkok
    has lots of cars and traffic but still a good place 😀

  2. Arturo52 says:

    MBK is one of the less expensive malls but you could do even better by
    shopping around Pratunam the wholesale area or weekend market , really
    cheap prices in those areas. I have been visiting thailand for 11 years and
    retire there in Dec.

  3. Andrew Wilder says:

    ive been here… very crowded!!! but interesting none the less

  4. 3xTnAnhMinhfan says:

    Where is this. It looks very nice, the sun is out people are walking and
    not too many cars. ^_^

  5. Spider6568 says:

    I really love MBK!

  6. crappylife7 says:

    MBK is my fav place…i love hanging around there cuz my school is
    nearby…itz da best shopping mall :))

  7. revern somai says:

    i spent around $1300 going to thailand just to shop at mbk i only earn
    11.80 an hour (now thats commitment)

  8. Cuno van Voorst says:

    Hey you Thai or Farang? I worked a year in bangkok at Radjadamri. MBK
    rules. I wanna go back to Thailand soon to live there

  9. punkyprang says:

    i love this place, but how come it’s so not jammed as usual!!!!

  10. jakeratoza says:

    please answer somebody……..how much money would I need to buy stuff
    here…..is it all expensive…..or can I find good stuff for good
    prices…..please answer somebody who has been there……I’m thinking of
    visiting…….and well,I don’t want to be dumbfound by the prices after I
    see that everything’s too expensive for me to afford….but it seems like a
    too good of a place to miss out….can normal people of the normal or lower
    class shop there???

  11. mrright009 says:

    I spent a few months there working at dana, It seems so long ago. I miss
    the movie theaters. someday! thx

  12. salwa88 says:

    i luv thai people they r way tooo polite wen i talk to them

  13. staxtics says:

    bangkok is a great place plus the people are very friendly

  14. detoxboy81 says:

    Bangkok is a really nice place, though crowded and chaotic like most major
    cities. The Thai people are generally nice and gentle, and respectful.

  15. madjon222 says:

    I think why there are not too many cars and not many people because it is
    sunday morning, and bangkok and the mbk and sukhumvit area are pretty quiet
    until midday on a sunday

  16. explodeaload says:

    MBK is located in(Siam Square)Bangkok I live in brisbane Australia and I
    have been there 4 times what can I say I am a Man who loves to shop.

  17. Vanpatar says:

    Thank the Buddha That MBK was not burn down! But then again, I bet that
    most of the Red shirts Protesters probably work there anyway….