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Masato FINAL ~ by shunsuke - Part 5

facebook page : shunsuke K-1 Fans Last Masato Tribute. Part 5
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Masato FINAL ~ by shunsuke – Part 5

Title: Masato FINAL ~ by shunsuke – Part 5

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Added on: March 14th, 2015

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11 Responses to “Masato FINAL ~ by shunsuke – Part 5”

  1. 土岐孔明 says:
  2. nondarling says:

    ใช้การเตะได้ดีขึ้น จากแต่ก่อนจะเด่นหมัด อย่างเดียว

  3. olivier d says:

    would it be possible to know what song is used at 9:00 ??? its such a
    beatifull track! 🙁

  4. shunsuK1max says:

    @seldoria modern Warfare 2 Gulag Armory

  5. shunsuK1max says:

    @TEMUJINARTS Perfect reply.

  6. abdelhakim Bek says:

    If you can make the same videos for Badr Hari!! it will be great!!!!! 🙂

  7. SuperDuperDragon says:

    I feel like I should be paying for this!

  8. TEMUJIN ARTS says:

    @2431346 thats nice, thx for the info…its a good thing theyre both
    civilized,professional and smarter than that… maybe one of them has some
    extra smarts hanging around to lend u.

  9. Numa Numas says:

    what soundtrack is this from?

  10. luklum says:

    I miss kid yamamoto in that shape.

  11. freemindbird says:

    I just add it to my favorite and press like before even watching it cuz I
    know its gonna impress me!! really nice vids