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Random street scenes from Bangkok. Video clips from Sukhumvit Soi 11, Asoke, Ploenchit, Sukhumvit Soi 23 and Sukhumvit Road. Also from Srinakarinvirot University. The bus scenes were captured on Lat Phrao Road. Best viewed in full screen HD.

Native background sound. Some conversation in the background is Thai, some is Isaan/Lao and possibly a bit of English.

Video captures – most from early February, a few from back in late January, latest from 10 February 2011

Affordable Excellence ?
“If you’re looking for a Manhattan-style steakhouse with a classic gourmet menu and a Parisian look, this could be the place,” said Artur Kluczewski of the new restaurant off Ploenchit Road that bears his name.

Besides an extensive a la carte menu, the restaurant features a gourmet weekend set lunch and weekdays business luncheons.

Spectacular Martinis, a Wine Cellar with 289 references and a French Chef together with entertaining service staff fluent in service complete the offer.

Nestled in the very heart of Bangkok, amidst an oasis of the luxurious gardens of exclusive soi Tonson, near Central Chidlom Department Store and next door to the iconic residence of the US Ambassador, some of Bangkok’s top hotels and residences, Artur is easily accessible by car, or just by Sky train from Chidlom BTS station. Free parking is amply available for Artur’s guests.

Artur opens daily for lunch & dinner. Tel: 02-658 6288 or mobile: 08-9000 1288.

Street Level Bangkok

Title: Street Level Bangkok

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30 Responses to “Street Level Bangkok”

  1. Alex Sanders says:

    Bangkok, beautiful streets view :)

  2. Alan Thomson says:

    anouther great vid back in july

  3. urban dweller says:

    4:10 lucky bastard 😀 Great video… can’t wait to be back to Bkk!

  4. voyageurasie says:

    Superbe! Ne manque plus que les odeurs

  5. phrakanong says:

    @ValygarSS Okay, thanks. I found it.

  6. AKochenburger says:

    U make great videos of Bangkok. Esp. i like the girls in school-uniform

  7. pimmern1 says:

    no music? ; (

  8. phrakanong says:

    @ValygarSS Okay, I found it. “Bang Krachao peninsula, known as Bangkok’s
    green lungs, is a welcome breathing escape from Bangkok only a 10-minute
    boat ride from the bustling Klong Toey dock area. Think 11,810 rai of
    protected mangroves and orchards in Samut Prakan province just across the
    river.” Sorry I did not know about this place.

  9. AKochenburger says:

    @phrakanong thx i hope so. Hope to see many new girls 😉

  10. Lost & Found Travel says:

    Man do I miss Bangkok. Thanks for taking me back. Its nice to see somebody
    else’s footage to remind me of the things I’ve forgotten.

  11. TobbeStorm says:

    Bangkok is such a cool place. Im exited to return there in a few mounths.

  12. AKochenburger says:

    ur video is great, u catch so many of my dreamgirls (espec. in school
    uniform). I will be back in LOS in three weeks. I love the Soi 11. I stay
    there in Federal Hotel, nice price with pool, but in nighttime to much
    oversexed even for me

  13. irooni67 says:

    I miss Thailand < Bangkok < Sukhumvit < Phrakanong area < people and smiles

  14. Saw De says:

    hi, thank for uploaded this cool video…miss thailand na,,hehehheh,,,
    can’t wait to go back there,,,

  15. phrakanong says:

    @AKochenburger In the future we plan to do another Bangkok in black and
    white video.

  16. tommy4b4 says:

    Nice vids again….even i miss the music. A combination of music and
    background sound should be even better.

  17. phrakanong says:

    @ValygarSS Thanks for your comment. I am not familiar with Bang Kachao. Can
    you tell me more about it and the location.

  18. Alan Thomson says:

    anouther great vid thank you

  19. NightBazaar says:

    Not sure how I managed to miss this vid. Excellent views as always. I can
    understand girls sitting sidesaddle on the motorbikes because of short
    skirts, but the balancing act still amazes me.

  20. phrakanong says:

    @tommy4b4 Thanks for the comment tommy4b4. More videos in the future, a mix
    of some with and some without music.

  21. Styrbjörn Sjöstjärna says:

    I have stayed many times in Grand President Hotel, Sukhumvit soi 11.
    Thailand is best place to be.

  22. Mick B says:

    Again another great video from the City of Angels. Thank you for sharing
    these with us.

  23. ValygarSS says:

    Thanks for videos, they all great. Can you make video at Bang Kachao if it
    wil be interesting of cause? Heard about it called as ““lungs of Bangkok”,
    but didn’t have luck to see it myself yet.

  24. phrakanong says:

    @echomiketwo Driving in Bangkok can be very chaotic depending on time and

  25. Willy Pong says:

    thanks for the vdo nice keep it coming

  26. Jean Seraphin says:

    Toujours top!!!

  27. Jean Seraphin says:

    je connais,un restaurant très classy/cosy bien situé près de grand centre
    commercial de World quelque chose et des Ambassades

  28. Tee de Jatt says:

    Wow, definitely wanna check out. My next dinning venue! Thanks for the

  29. Jean Seraphin says:

    super restaurant

  30. Jean Seraphin says:

    doskonala francuzka restauracja mendzowana przez Polaka