25 Responses to “A Stroll Down Khao San Road”

  1. matt melia says:

    ive never been to thailand but im going there in may and i never knew where
    abouts in the city khao san road was but its in an area called banglamphu!

  2. danrodge88 says:

    thank you soooo much for posting this–i forgot how much i miss

  3. Bangers250cr says:

    Co san wot a shitpit! thailand wot a place!!!!

  4. nycgirl4ever says:

    Miss it to death. Especially the pad thai they make for you right there on
    the street. Greatest time in my life when I was a backpacker there. Wish I
    had video of my walk down Khao San Road during the Thai New Year. What a

  5. DaWorldSoSmall says:

    I was just there the other night! The ironic thing is that….I go to watch
    the tourists for a good laughs hahah. wait, i’m a tourists too lol

  6. rflxe says:

    today you go to kao san to get toothpaste, european/american size flip
    flops, shirts, even fishermen trousers are ok. litle shopping before you
    hop off – ok you can check your mails too and have a beer withit. for night
    out I wouldn’t do. there are far better places which i keep for my self.
    but maybe try Prah Ahtit behind the what. I don’t feel safe there anymore.
    If you know what i mean.

  7. danlunn says:


  8. leemeires says:

    walking street pattaya leaves khao san road for dead belive

  9. DaveyboySim says:

    Great video, hkstory. Reminds me of when I travelled through Thailand a
    couple of years ago – it was an incredible place. Thank you for posting
    this. Oh and Litsun, if you do go, don’t just stop at Koh Samui – it’s ok,
    but Koh Phangan was my favourite island and Koh Tao is great too. Chiang
    Mai was my favourite city. There’s a LOT of Thailand to see – my advice to
    anybody thinking of going there: try to see as much of it as you can – it’s

  10. afzproducshunz says:

    @Dogapsa yes please

  11. Litsun says:

    Nice Vid! I wish I could stay in BKK for a week, see the Khao san road and
    travel down to Koh Samui 🙂

  12. nictophobia1 says:

    Waster. Your’re on tube complaining about other people. Your’re
    contradicting yourself. Wow this must be one of the dumbest comments posted
    on Youtube. I sincerely doubt you have a girlfriend. What a stupid comment

  13. David Srisaeng says:

    i miss the 20-25 baht pad thai’s hahahaha

  14. Lost & Found Travel says:

    yeah – pattaya is for pros

  15. Claus Jander says:

    Khao San Rd is in Bangkok

  16. Anthony Hiron says:

    Khao San road – AKA Farang Central…..Probably the dirtiest place I been
    to in Thailand, overcrowded bars, takes ages to get drinks, dirty smelly
    toilets, full of farangs wanting a fight and acting like prats…a bit like
    the London. Best to stay away be brave and venture away from this flea
    ridden pit….not my No1 experience of LOS

  17. CohanDigitmatta says:

    lol, how could you not know where kaosan road is?? it’s right in the middle
    of the major tourist attractions in the center of bangkok.

  18. CohanDigitmatta says:

    hypocritical state of opinion lol

  19. stevelfc1 says:

    Great video, uncomplicated and really captures the feel of the road. Feels
    like Im back there just watching it. You seem to have caught everything.
    Nice one!

  20. tonz72 says:

    ah the memories, just back from thailand a few days ago nice one for
    putting this up!

  21. trendcase1 says:

    ahw, I can’t barely watch this vid. I just moved back from Bangkok 2 months
    ago, after staying there for 6 months. I seriously miss it. And I miss my
    beautiful girlfriend 🙁

  22. johnnypocketrocket says:

    This place is like a crazy dream. Are them wooden frogs real, or did i
    dream it?

  23. teddyboy Last says:

    bangkok is one of the best places n d world for a stroll.especially at night

  24. CohanDigitmatta says:

    lol, assumptions you dick, you know nothing, lol

  25. Lost & Found Travel says:

    Nice! So many hair extensions…