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Kem Sitsongpeenong sits down to chat with My Muay Thai, to talk about his career, his desire to re-match petrosian under thai rules and fighting buakaw winner take all.

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Kem Sitsongpeenong- Turn on Closed Captioning

Title: Kem Sitsongpeenong- Turn on Closed Captioning

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Added on: March 17th, 2015

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13 Responses to “Kem Sitsongpeenong- Turn on Closed Captioning”

  1. traveler10001000 says:


  2. lehche says:

    @traveler10001000 your observations are pretty faulty and your opinions are
    rather silly. i think you aren’t trained in any martial arts but i’m sure
    you are quite an expert in ‘call of duty’ and ‘grand theft auto’ 🙂

  3. GBOOZ Music says:

    are you stupid or what. look at thai fights, they are exptremely fast past
    with this guy and others, p.s. i was training under k-1 and thai, believe
    me thai is much much more agressive and painful. and why thais dont drop
    down is because of the training your body is tougher you moran, damn what a

  4. Fullcontactfighter says:

    Kem seems like a straight up guy from this interview. With all due respect
    to Nopstar, I have to say the questions were a bit leading though, in
    regards to “calling people out.” You could have inserted any name into the
    question about whether he would want to fight so and so, and I’m pretty
    certain Kem wouldn’t have backed down. With that being said, the idea of
    Kem vs Buakaw or Kem vs Petrosyan is pretty bad ass. One other fighter I
    would like to see Kem match up against is Saiyok.

  5. ninisse didou says:

    :O je savait pas qu’il etait marier et encore moin qu’il avait une fille 🙂

  6. helloiamthecoool1 says:

    Kems one of my favourite fighters 🙂

  7. deterance says:

    I wanted to see if it was painful, badass indeed.

  8. woteva6891 says:

    Im glad he called out Petroysan… how can someone wear the Mongkong but
    not fight muay thai rules? Dekkers atleast had the balls to fight people at
    their own game…staying in k-1 means ur a good kickboxer but thats it, he
    beat a Buakaw damaged Souwer…WOW…

  9. traveler10001000 says:

    @woteva6891 “he beat a Buakaw damaged Souwer.WOW” I think it is pretty
    obvious when you compare records..Bumkaw can;t hold a candle to
    Giorgio…and bumkaw is one of the dirtiest fighters in the history of
    k1…constantly cheating and breaking the rules and then whining and
    complaining when the refs caution him for cheating…It’s to bad he’s
    ducking Kyshenko and Petrosyan because I would love to see them floor his
    overrated ass! Petrosyan would school him and Kyshenko overpower him

  10. GrandFishK says:

    Kem is such an awesome guy. He talks about Buakaw being famous
    internationally, and now, a year later, it seems to me that Kem is starting
    to get more fame internationally too. It’s well deserved. 😀

  11. traveler10001000 says:

    @woteva6891 “Atleast had the balls” Lmao as if Muay Thai is a tougher
    sport/ruleset than kickboxing! LOL kickboxing is way tougher and FAR more
    fast paced then the boring hug fests that you usually see in a Thai Rules
    fight..Kickboxers are way tougher than Thai fighters and Kickboxers have
    way more aggressive and exciting styles..How many Thai fighters are
    aggressive and go for the kill always? Like 2..(Saiyok and Bovy) the rest
    are boring stallers kickboxing is a way tougher sport!

  12. logikbro1 says:

    @traveler10001000 dude, you ever been in a clinch before? lets see if you
    think its tough getting sharp knees slammed into your floating ribs

  13. ninja1714 says:

    ‘Shhhht Shhhhht Oiiiii !!! Shhhht Shhhht Shhhhht Oiiiiii !!!!