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Lets get our patients on a new track rather than “back on the old track”
The FDA is good for our immune response, deep down we are all allopath, if something in our world creates disharmony we want to remove it from our world, the left brain approach — that if anything is attacking it must be killed, coming to a different understanding of disease and becoming part of the experience, the Dance of the Wu Li Master, the 2 opposing forces have to be brought at best to the same moment, alternation is what we have to bring to the life of our patients , Thailand and Brazil these are places where something new is possible and happening today, controversial talk is not negative at its best it creates DLE, the new age idea to “never give negative affirmations” gives you the illusion that it is possible without the other pole, getting patients “not back on track BUT on a different track” , disease exists as a labilizing effect because it was too stuck or because we have even more possibilities that we did not see, we have to re-evaluate many common new age goals about “relaxing, meditating, being easy with each other, be happy, open and smiling” — sometimes the opposite is more healthy, left right left right the EMDR way

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Bangkok seminar PART3 – The FDA is good for our immune response

Title: Bangkok seminar PART3 – The FDA is good for our immune response

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